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My Creative Space

Today’s creative space is *not* a sneak peek of my Christmas knitting. Instead it’s a cute project for the girls.

Meet the Octopus! The balloon octopus. Well, in fact two. Since I have two girls.

Miss 4 saw an octopus project on the TV this morning and asked straight away if we could make one. So we did.  Her sister displayed a complete lack of interest until after dinner. I thought that the very last balloon I had was black, so it was a pleasant surprise to find this lovely purple colour emerge as it was blown up. And the fact you could see the octopus’ eyes was a complete bonus. 

A balloon octopus is strangely aerodynamic. The girls had lots of fun tonight, and had to be persuaded that sleeping with an octopus would be a much better idea if they were not made out of balloons.

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Easter Treats

Good Friday marked the end of the teaching term for me and DH. So our household is feeling a bit more lighthearted than on a usual long weekend. The girls and I got busy in the kitchen making a batch of Hot Cross Buns this morning. Miss 1 crashed for a massive nap before she got to shape any. Miss 3 made up for it though 🙂

 See how flour covered Miss 3 is at this point!! 

And when they were both tucked up safely for their naps (yay for tired girls who take loooong naps!) I was able to make these cute wee Easter Baskets for the girls. (I resisted the urge to make one for DS, who really wouldn’t appreciate one!)

I found a link to a tutorial for these bags on a forum I frequent, and was inspired to make them as I knew I could whip them up from stash.  All you need is about 15×8 inches of felt, a few buttons, and some contrasting or complementary felt to make the flowers from. My felt wasn’t quite the right dimensions, but I figured that the girls won’t be getting a huge haul of eggs to stash in them, so size wouldn’t matter too much!

Making the handles out of a different colour felt helped too 🙂  I love the vintage buttons from my button stash too. Too cute!

I suspect Miss 3 will snaffle this spotty one because it has pink flowers.

Which means Miss 1 will get this red number. You can see the seam details in these pictures – the are sewn on the right side and seams trimmed with pinking shears when they are done – a lovely idea to finish felt nicely.

We are looking forward to more enjoyable family time over the next few days. DS goes away early next week to stay with his grandparents so we are trying to enjoy these special days while we can. I hope that you and your families enjoy a blessed Easter season.

Blogtober 22nd: Fun with Glue and Scissors

Yesterday was wonderfully sunny so I didn’t do the planned craft activity with the girls. Today dawned grey and overcast. Not long after, the rain arrived. So, after Music, and after pikelets for lunch, it was time for fun with glue and scissors.  Miss 1 had retired to bed early, so she missed all the fun.

Backstory – when Miss 3 was Miss nearly 2, she and I made a wee scrapbook photo album of a typical day for her.  It has been one of her favourite books since then. I thought it must be time to update it, since the girls are so different now – Miss 1 was just a little ‘ub then, only just starting to smile, so she has changed a lot. So our new book is about them both “Things we like to do”


As you can see, Miss 3 and I worked on this together.  She plunked the picture right on down, after she had fun with the glue.  She also was able to press down each letter sticker as I selected it.  We could discuss the letter and its sound too. Lots of fun.  Miss 3 also got her first go with the wee guillotine which she really enjoyed too 🙂

Here are some more pages.








You might notice that there are some very funky placements of the flowers in this picture – Miss 3 has a real artistic streak obviously! I have avoided using too many embellishments as the last book we made, they took aaaages to do, Miss 3 loves brads and ribbons especially. But then she also likes to pull the pages out to fondle them afterwards.  For this reason too, the pictures are not photographs, just printed out on high quality paper at home. No point in making this an ‘untouchable’ album. I expect it to be well loved.

The lovely papers we used were a birthday gift from my biggest sister (Thanks D!)  They are so cheerful, the young lady loves them.  Such bright colours, and happy patterns.  Perfect. The letter stickers are great fun too, a great way to keep Miss 3 involved. 

This is just a WIP though – we have another 6 pages to make.  Miss 3 is looking forward to it 🙂 And while I prefer sunshine, if it rains tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll mind too much.

Blogtober 15th: More Rainy Day Activities

Spring? Maybe.  But we today the weather here reached new lows. The airport was closed today due to low lying fog.  We have a heavy rain warning for overnight tonight.  Not a lot of outdoor play going on here at the moment and I have been trying to think about what indoor activities could keep wee minds and hands occupied. 

Yesterday I found a couple of felt boards in the cupboard which have only been played with by Miss 3 a couple of times.  She seemed happy to potter around with them yesterday, but they didn’t really capture her imagination too much.  Why? They were bought for DS12 when he was a lad, and the themes of the accessories that came with them were zoo animals (quite acceptable) and dinosaurs (not really something Miss 3 has much interest in).  I remember spending many happy hours playing with “Fuzzy Felts” during my childhood, so I wanted to try to make the most of these boards.

So this morning I sat down with a big bag of felt and felt scraps and cut out a few more bits and pieces for her.  When she headed to bed, I was meant to write my research essay, but I allowed myself a quick 15 or so minutes to cut out some more things uninterrupted. 

Here are some of our additions.


Some happy trees, a house and sunshine.  The butterfly was from the original set. 


The original sets had two people in them, with wigs and clothing.  I added three more people and a selection of eyes, hair, and heaps of clothes for dressing up.  The wee tree is an ‘apple’ tree, and the mountains were from the original set.  Miss 3 was reminded of the ‘gooey geyser’ from Dora, so I made a gooey geyser add-on kit. She was rather pleased!

I have heaps more ideas, so if the rain lasts and procrastination strikes again, I may have more to show you.

And in knitting news, I have more completely weather-inappropriate knitting happening here.  Ha! Here’s a teaser – will block and add buttons and model tomorrow 🙂


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