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FO: Mockingjay Dishcloth


When I was putting together my package for our recent magic yarn ball swap, I got assigned a swap partner who is adores The Hunger Games. I figured that I could put together a parcel that was Hunger Games related. A quick Ravelry search came up with some Mockingjay charts, which seemed like the perfect idea for a dishcloth.

The chart that I used was intended for colourwork, but instead I used it to make a reverse stocking stitch pattern on the dishcloth, as I didn’t think that the reverse side of colourwork would be that practical for in the kitchen.

I worked it double stranded using Dk weight bamboo yarn, Patons Serenity, which was a stashed yarn, leftovers from a project more than two years ago, and I used 5.5mm needles. 

I could have centred the design slightly better – but when I had finished the chart the cloth was very rectangular, and so I kept knitting until it was more square.

I matched it with some ‘nightlock berries’ stitch markers, a little felt pouch, and some gorgeous China Glaze Hunger Games nailpolish.  It didn’t feel like a lot of goodies for a magic yarn ball, but I was fresh out of themed ideas, time, and budget.  But, my recipient ended up winding the yarn rather than knitting it out, so I don’t feel quite so badly about it now!

This was a fun little project, and I have always enjoyed the gratification of quick project, and this was no different – that said, it did take a couple of nights of chart following, but I think it was worth the result.



When you’ve knit too many socks

You need an antidote. My antidote of choice was some dishcloths. Since I had my pretty new Peaches and Creme cotton calling to me, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to cast of for some simple dishcloths.  And just a couple of knitting hours later I had two.  Yes, two clothes from one ball!  And then I fossicked in my leftovers and found enough for a third cloth.  Cute, huh.

The pattern is one that is new to me, sourced off Ravelry of course.  It is the Reverse Mitre Dishcloth, and I chose it because you can make it as big or small as you want, which seemed like an excellent feature.  You begin with just three stitches and increase with one yarn over either side of a central spine stitch every second row.  And you just keep knitting until you like the height and width. 

Believe it or not, it was my first mitred project, and I thought it was great. I have absolutely no idea where these will end up, but I figured a few dishcloths for my present box would never go astray.

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