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This week

First up, thanks so much for your comments and suggestions about my socks. They sat next to my chair looking ugly all week. Day by day more comments came in, mostly saying to frog it.  Day by day I read and contemplated.  And on Saturday I finally frogged them. And now the yarn is sitting, staring at me again, wondering what it will become. I cast on a new pair of Monkeys in the Needlefood Sock Club yarn I received. And now I’m wondering if I like the way *they* are knitting up..

Also, there was great excitement in our house this week.  Preschool had deemed St Patrick’s Day “Wacky Wednesday” and it was requested that I produce some wacky accessories in green for the girls to wear.

This is what they wore.

The girls had super fun with their green playdough and green pikelets, and Miss 3 was delighted to find the wacky things that they preschool had done to prepare for the day – the ‘family corner’ was all topsy turvy with chairs upside down and the cot on top of an upside down table.  The best bit for her was finding a tree in the toilets though!

And speaking of Miss 3, she had a good go at writing her name on the blackboard at home the other day – not all the letters, and not in the right order (She started too far across and ran out of room), but something to be proud of nonetheless.

I have been knitting too – and in fact have made very good progress on a test knit I am doing for an adult knit. But more on that tomorrow 🙂


Crafty Thursday

It’s nearing the end of the school holidays and DS said this morning “What are we doing today?” Well, I wasn’t planning any outings in *that* rain, but a morning sewing appealed.  As it happened, it appealed to all of us.

Yesterday I had arranged to meet some friends at the library, and our visit co-incided with their preschool programme. For the activity, the children cut (well, I cut) and coloured some cats ears, which were a big hit.

Picture 2577small

But paper doesn’t last long, especially when worn all day – and by all day I mean to bed as well… so I thought we could all make some cat ears. I traced around the wee ears we had already, cut out two of each, sewed them together and stuffed lightly. Then I made a headband for them, making it multi-sized by using elastic for the back of it.  Cute!  DS designed, cut out and stuffed (yep, I know how to assign the crap jobs) a tail too. Which would have been more cool if he didn’t show his sister how to hit stuff with it before it was even finished. Sigh.

Anyway, this is a hit, and by the time it was finished, the weather had cleared enough for us to go for a walk.

Picture 2583small
















For the last few weeks I have been anticipating the arrival of some scrummy Amy Butler fabric which I bought off a friend who was destashing. I wanted to make the girls and I a library bag each.  Miss nearly 3 had a reusable one which recently deveoped a hole in the bottom, so I cut it up to use as a pattern.  And this is the first of the bags complete – probably for Miss 1.

Picture 2579














The fabrics I used were all from the Nigella range, upholstery weight. I had some plain pink drill which I used to line it. I am pretty pleased with it for a first go. I might make a few technical changes for the next one, but I will keep much the same.

And finally, a sneak at a pair of socks I finished last weekend. I did the first sock back in May before I headed down to the Knitters Weekend. They were running a sock knitting competition, and I intended to enter these in the hand dyed section. But I ran out of time…

Picture 2580

So, in the spirit of finishing things off, I knitted the second of this pair. It is an original pattern, but I am not happy with the heel on these, so will knit another pair at some stage before I let you know the juicy details.

Little Mermaid

It seems like ages since I’ve used my sewing machine, but I had an idea for  the dress ups box this morning that just couldn’t wait 🙂

So, after Miss 2.9 was droped off at preschool,  Miss 11.5 months and I headed for the sparkly fabric emporium to purchase some sparkly fabric. And with very little effort, a mermaid tail was constructed.

Picture 2208

I am planning a wee mermaid top to go with it, but for now, here’s a preminary  picture of the little mermaid.

Picture 2206

The wee mermaid is rather pleased with her sparkly new attire. As is the cat. It creates great wee shiny spots to chase on the carpet.

What do you do on a rainy day?

Today was rainy.  Really rainy.  And it just wouldn’t stop! So, we decided to hang out at home today. What to do? First we had a serious puzzle marathon, while I tried to knit and read my Uni text.

Then Miss2.5 and I made some yummy bread rolls for lunch. 


After lunch I attacked the mending pile in an effort to unearth my sewing machine.  Nothing earth shattering – mending seams, buttons back on, labels inserted, that sort of thing.

And then, a wee secret project for the little miss – another addition to her dress-up box. 


This wee ladybird cape is made from a nappy cut of sandwich PUL. I made it double sided, so the otherside is white with a cute red print pattern spots.  The black spots are demin which I appliqued on.  It’s fastened with velcro around the neck, so she can put it on herself. And it’s versatile enough to fit even an adult sized neck (Yep, I made Daddy into a ladybird).

And, since I had the machine out, I got around to a project I had been meaning to do for ages – an apron for DS11, which he needs for ‘Food Tech’ at school.  He chose a red cotton fabric (well, I didn’t have much in my stash that wasn’t totally girly).  I teamed it with a worn out pair of jeans to fashion something I hope he’s not embarrassed to wear in class.


I cut binding for around the seams from strips of demin, added a pocket to the front, and cribbed the button from the waistband for a neck closure.  The ties are from demin as well.


And once the kids were in bed, it was time to take the knitting out again.  I have chosen to cast on the Slinky Ribs from the new Custom Knits book I got on the weekend.  So, lots of 2×2 ribbing has been the theme of the day here.  It’s super cosy in Merino Possum yarn too.


So, it’s been a day of productivity for us here, but nevertheless I am hoping to see rather more sunshine than rain tommorrow.

Alll-llllah Faaaaireeeee!!!!!

So, I should probably have been knitting. But over the last week or so, I’ve noticed Miss A (2.5) has started to play with the tutu I made for her to wear to the Mainly Music Christmas party.  And her playsilk has been a “Super” cape, and a dress. So, it seemed an opportune time to investigate starting a dress up box for her.  I wanted to make something, and I found this online tutorial for a fairy outfit.  As I had to take a trip to Spotlight today to buy the finishing touches for my Yarn Swap, I was able to pick up the bits I needed to supplement my stash. And while there I found these cute things: wings, a tiara and a wand – what every fairy needs.




In my shopping cart I had a stem of hydrangeas, a long length of flowery ribbon, and a wee suitcase of buttons – I only used some of them, but the rest will supplement my scrapbooking stash.

For the skirt I used some silver voile I had left over from curtains in our bedroom that I made several years ago. And I also used bits of ribbon left over from taggy blanket making.

I altered the design of the waistband to use ribbon instead of elastic – which means the skirt will grow with DD rather than being something that she grows out of quickly.  It seems it can even fit mummy, and if I really want to embarrass Mr11, there is photographic evidence of him wearing said outfit (complete with wand and tiara).

The stem of flowers was disassembled and sewn below the waistband with the buttons.


I spaced the ribbons around the skirt, sewn under the flowers. And it was ready to go!


And the whole outfit was a success.  To cries of “Alllllah Faaaaaaireeee”, it was worn all afternoon. But there is a “no fairies at the table” rule that was implemented at dinner 😀picture-1628

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