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Mildly Obsessional

It’s Spring.ย  I love spring. I find myself spending hour after hour out of doors in my garden instead of hour after hour indoors knitting. There is still plenty of time to knit too though, but I feel like I’ve got a bit more balance in the daytime.

I am loving my vegetable garden. I even spent some time in my much-neglected flower garden.ย  But the vegetable garden is the place I gravitate towards.

Some reasons?

My new garden boxes built last summer have been producing ever since. Onions, leeks, garlic, lettuce, peas, brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower, strawberries, blueberries, tayberry, thornless blackberry, raspberry and red currants all in various stages of growth.

The peas have flowers and small pods already.

The back garden is starting to come to life too: brocolini, cauliflower and onions are recently planted on this side, with a well established loganberry plant starting to sprawl out. Brussels sprouts are starting to go to seed – but they finally also have some sprouts on them, so their life-expectancy was extended.

On the other side is a well established NZ Spinach patch which feeds us several times a week and never gets any smaller ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Some small corn seedlings are getting established, as well as some zuchinni plants and snow peas.ย  The broad beans are doing beautifully and just starting to be ready to eat – we had our first few from them tonight.ย  Raspberry and Thornless Blackberry canes are next to my asparagus patch, and I’ve got potatoes and yams at the far end, with a sprinkling of leeks in a couple of other places in between.

I am really enjoying trying to grow from seed too, but there are some annoying, if anonymous, bugs that keep raining on my parade. They keep eating my bean plants and ate my cucumber seedlings down to the ground. So now I get to be mildly obsessional about bug management.


Seasonal Eating

In the few weeks that we were away down south, our vegetable garden has sprung into nearly full production. These pictures were taken around 6pm, thus the long shadows.

In the right foreground are some chives, then strawberries, zuchinnis, self-seeded pumpkins, climbing beans, and behind them are butter beans, lettuce, and potatoes and broccolini.

On the left are more lettuce, newly planted snow peas, a great crop of cauliflowers, and beside them more climbing beans. Then there are cabbages, butter beans, tomatoes, basil, more zuchinnis, corn and yams.

At the far end are pak choi, and some very small tomatoes and capsicums.

On the other side…

Rhubard, New Zealand native Spinach, baby cauliflower, raspberry plant, leeks, cucumber, thornless blackberry, more (!) butter beans and baby cauliflower, silver beet and an enormous sunflower.ย  Oh, and the most exciting bit – asparagus plants (!) I have wanted asparagus for aaaages but always missed the season in the shops. Iย managed to get green and purple plants and they have teeny tiny baby spears on them – maybe I will get to harvest them next year ๐Ÿ™‚ Too cool! (Dh hates asparagus, so it’s just for me and maybe I’ll share with the kids)

Daily visits to our garden are rewarded with produce. We have been eating every night according to what is ready. So far since we have been back we have eaten DS’s favourite Zuchinni Pasta, zuchinni fritters, lovely fresh beans, a vegetable frittata full of home grown vegetables, a rhubarb crumble, and delicious new potatoes. Seasonal eating at its best.ย  My friends gardens are doing well too. I came home from knitting night with two cabbages and some more rhubarb (you can’t *ever* have enough according to my DH) from Kate’s garden, destined for our plates in the near future.ย  What a lovely reminder that summer is here – since the weather is not currently obliging!

These are the blackberries – but if you look carefully you can see the new shoes I got for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry to bore you with masses of photos etc but I’ve been spending so much more time outside than in the last few days, so I just *had* to share ๐Ÿ™‚

Drumroll Please!

And the winners of the Spring Giveaway are…

* LuntheMum

* Heather

* Joanne Foot

Congrats ladies! I’ll be emailing you tonight to hear which scrummy package you want sent to your place ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much for all of your entries, your comments are (as always!) much appreciated. It’s awesome to hear that you are reading and enjoying my wee blog. I hope to share lots more craft and creativity with you all in the future.

And some pictures of what Spring has been bringing to my place ๐Ÿ™‚

Picture 2981

I love the colours of the magnolia, and who wouldn’t love a tree that blooms twice a year?

Picture 2974

Picture 2978

Only the second year (out of five) these have flowered.

Picture 2983

Ways to avoid pulling out tree stumps 101.

Picture 2976

Miss 3 and I have planted some annuals for some colour around the place. She loves to check every day to see how they are growing.

Picture 2975

And we even planted out my long-neglected pots for extra colour. It won’t be too long before they are full of pretty colours.

Picture 2980

Two weekends ago DH and I spent nearly the whole weekend outside grooming, weeding, composting and getting the vegetable garden ready for planting. In went the strawberries, a new raspberry – my first attempt which I hope will go well, and we even planted a mandarin, 2 apple trees, a plum and an apricot tree.ย  The mandarin suffered a toddler accident today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it might come back, I hope any way! But it’s lovely to contemplate the way they will grow and take shape, and provide for us too, in the years to come.

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