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FO: Jacques Cousteau Hat


While I’m on the subject of knits I’ve neglected to blog… I have a confession to make. It’s not just one or two things I’ve not blogged about… there are literally months worth of items I’ve knit that I’ve not posted on here (or on Ravelry).  Yes, I confess I’m a bad blogger… but that hasn’t stopped me knitting! So, it must be catch-up time. 

So, for today a small, relatively quick knit.  This is the lovely, and free, Jacques Cousteau hat pattern. There are so many men’s hat patterns out there. As this was for DS, I wanted something not too intricate, as I wanted him to actually *wear* the hat. But I also wanted something interesting to knit. So I chose this pattern – because while it is essentially a ribbed beanie with a fold over brim (as per the photo above), the decreases fascinated me…

One thing I love about knitting is the seemingly infinite variations you can use to create a useful object.  And so, funky crown decreases it was!

The hat pattern offers two different sizes – don’t tell DS, but I knit the ‘woman’s’ size for him.  It was 20 stitches smaller, meaning less ribbing… Ribbing isn’t my favourite stitch to be honest! The fit is fab, his head could be a whole lot fatter and it’d still fit. So it all worked out in the end.

The yarn I used was some John Q Heathered Dk yarn, which I picked up for $3 a ball at a Knitworld sale 18 months ago. I’ve had such good value from these balls of yarn – most have become hats, and I love the look that the heathered yarn gives as opposed to a flat solid colour.  It adds a little interest to what would otherwise be a plain hat too, without making it too busy for my teen to wear.  The 50g ball was not quite enough for this hat – just as well I had two.  (No yardage chicken for me on this one!)

This got lots of wear when DS did a stint as a relief newspaper delivery boy, as well on many chilly mornings. Finally, some knitting for him that he likes and wears (after he left a handknit sweater on the soccer field overnight I banished him from my knit-list).  And of course all he had to reward me for it was a few photos to blog… A good deal? I think so!


Bullfrogs and Butterflies Hat Pattern

I’m super excited to be able to show you something I’ve been working on in secret lately… My latest pattern, which is actually a set of two patterns, Bullfrogs and Butterflies, two cute wee colourwork hat patterns.


I’ve been busy knitting these in two delicious types of yarn, all DK weight – my overseas current fave, Madelinetosh Tosh DK, and a locally hand dyed yarn, Red Riding Hood yarn.  (aaaargh, links *still* broken… try here….!/RedRidingHoodYarns )

I’ll show you further photos tomorrow, but I was too excited about the release not to post before I went to bed.

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry:

Farewell Gifts

It’s a time of change in our household at the moment.  My lovely Miss 4 is only Miss 4 for another two days, which means she is off to school on Monday.  Today was her final day at preschool.  We have been blessed with an amazing preschool for the girls.  Intially she started just one afternoon a week, at around 2.5 years, just to give her small sister a bit of space from a bossy big sister.  Her hours increased when I started studying more and made myself available for relief teaching work, and she has been full-time for the last 20 months since I’ve been back teaching.  In that time, the staff has been incredible: stable, caring, fun, welcoming, loving, interested, and just overall wonderful. And, while Miss 3 will continue to attend,  it seemed fitting to mark her sister’s final day with some gifts. So, with a bit of planning over the last few weeks, I managed to make my deadline with a few days to spare even! 

These are the gifts – on me, since it’s a bit rude to demand photos after you give gifts (well, if you’re going to put them up on the ‘net anyway!)

First up was a lovely Windschief hat.  I seem to be on a bit of a Stephen West bender at the moment. Simplicity is so incredibly effective. This hat is no exception. It was a breeze to knit but so cute! I used exactly one ball of John Q Heathers, a DK weight yarn I got on sale for $3 a ball at Knitworld last January. I love the beautifully saturated colour.  What a great pattern. I made this for a female teacher in the medium size, but it’s also a great pattern for the men in your life. I will definitely be knitting this one again.

And as I said, a bit of  a Stephen West bender. I love this gorgeous reversible beanie, Botanic Hat. It’s a great hat for men, and totally suitable for women too. We have been really lucky to have a fabulous young male teacher at preschool, who stayed on after coming to the centre as a student last year (I totally love what this shows about what it is like to work there, when students just don’t want to leave!) So it was a nice chance to make a gift for a guy. I chose two neutral shades of the lovely new yarn, Mythral by Stansborough. This is a DK weight yarn from Stansborough Grey sheep, grown exclusively in NZ, which have a silky grey fleece.  The colours I’ve used are Takahe and Royal Takahe.

And who doesn’t love one hat with two different looks? I’d love to try this with one plain, one variegated yarn next.

One thing preschool teachers end up doing lots of is being outside on cold days. So, these fingerless mitts seemed like a pretty, practical gift too. I loved knitting these, which are the Oak Grove mitts by Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting.  I used a DK weight yarn rather than the Sport weight in the pattern. It is some BWM Rustic, which was dyed by the lovely KiwiFi and gifted to me a swap a couple of years ago. Perfect for this pattern! The colour is even a close match to the sample in the pattern.

I loved knitting these. While there’s a chart and a bit of cabling, it all works perfectly when you knit to the pattern. And the oak leaf really, really pops, especially when the gloves are blocked. Stunning!

And, since I’m on the whole designer double-ups, a second project from Alana Dakos – the Shawl Collared Cowl.  A super snuggly cowl, this will be perfect for outside duty days too. I knit it in Mosaic Moon Gaia Organic Bulky in the Pixie Dust colourway. I think the pattern more suited to a solid or semi-solid yarn but this is lovely in this variegated yarn too. We don’t have a lot of choice in 12ply, and I had almost none to choose from in my stash. I’d love to knit this again in a solid yarn, especially since it took just a few hours knitting (maybe 4-5 hours?) to knit up. A super fast gift!

I’m rather pleased to have all of these done as I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve pushed aside while I finished these – so, watch this space for some more finished projects in the next few days! Oh, and some pictures of the birthday girl too!!

New Pattern: Lizette Beanie and Beret

I’m excited to show you the latest pattern I’ve been working on.

The Lizette Beanie and Beret pattern has been on the drawing board since last spring, but I put it aside until the weather was more suitable for woolly hats. And, once the autumn chill started to bite, I felt the need to work on hats again, just as I had imagined I would. So, I took up the pattern again and sent it out to my lovely testers. 

The pattern is a lace and cable combination – I the crisp lines that cables create, and the lace pattern is delicate yet fun to knit.  As with all my favourite lace repeats, it is easily memorised and easy to knit.  I like knitting I can relax into, where I don’t have to be poised over the pattern all the time.  If you’re like me then you will enjoy knitting this pattern.  You don’t have to be hugely experienced at lace knitting either to give this a go – an adventurous beginner lace knitter could enjoy knitting this.

I also love that you can knit a beanie or beret from the same pattern.  It started out as an experiment – but it worked, so I decided to go with it.   As you can see, it’s got sizes for a child and an adult too.  More versatility. Love that! I hope you do too 🙂

The pattern is for sale on Ravelry – and you don’t need to be a member to buy – you can just click here… <a href="buy now“>Buy Now

Testing Times

I am an easily distracted person, I have decided. I am not, repeat not, counting the number of projects I have on the needles right now.  I’m also not counting the number of half finished designs and tests of new patterns in the works. I am working on just two things right now.

First I’m super excited that my new hat pattern (as above) is being test knit by me and some awesome volunteers at the moment.  I ran out of yarn on mine and am having to reknit the crown, so that’s tomorrow’s knitting sorted.  Above is a sneak peak at Miss 3’s hat, which is so incredibly super soft, knit in 100PureWool 3 ply worsted (as is mine).

And the second thing I’m working on is a test knit for Tikki.  Also for Miss 3, and it is lovely.  Piccies to come when I put it on a large enough needle for it to look like something other than an unshapely mess.  I’m using some long stashed yarn, BWM Harmony for this – a wool, cotton lycra blend, and a crepe yarn. Totally unlike anything I’ve knit for a while but the one garment I made for myself from it wears really well so it seemed ideal for a kiddie knit. And it’s pink, so not going wrong there!

So, what’s happening with my tunic? It’s calling to me, but I’ll knit some more on it when I’ve finished this hat, and when I reach the endless stocking stitch section of my test knit. After all, I never promised to be faithful to knitting just one thing at a time, did I?

Happy Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day to all my lovely Mummy friends! I know it’s not Mothers’ Day in many countries, but I thought that I’d share these lovely flowers with you nonetheless. Yup, Dh did good!

And he’s not the only one. A bunch of online buddies and I decided to repeat our Mothers’ Day swap from last year.  We had such fun last year, a special acknowledgement of our common link as mothers, and a celebration of our ongoing friendships. This year I got my gift several days in advance, and I was sooo good. I didn’t even open the box, just in case it wasn’t wrapped. Nooothing to do with the electrical tape it was taped up with keeping me honest either! True!

Oh, but the surprise when I opened it up and found… this!

I am utterly in awe, have no idea how she managed to score some Wollmeise and utterly in love with the colourway. I haven’t a clue where to start with thinking of what to knit with this and would love some suggestions – so comment away please!

Part of the parcel I sent included another of the hats I have knit lately. This is another Crooked Paths beret, and I really enjoyed knitting this patern for a second time.  I used the gorgeous Madelinetosh Vintage yarn in the colourway Lepidoptra.  I loved the crisp stitch definition, the squooshiness of the yarn, the way it knitted up and the way it blocked. I sure hope that it is well loved at its new home – I didn’t *love* the colourway in the skein too much, but knitted up it was simply gorgeous.

I think that this is going to be one of my go-to patterns for gift knits, super cute, well written with easy to follow instructions and it’s simple enough to knit up in just a couple of days. And the yarn – well, I feel really lucky that I have a skein or two in my stash waiting for its turn to be knit up into something special just for me.

More Malabrigo


This past summer, Miss 3 has been very attached to a pretty pink summer sunhat with a cap brim. She has looked so adorable in it that it got me thinking about whether it was possible to knit her a winter hat with a brim. A quick search on Ravelry revealled a good number of patterns. Looking futher I found some options that seemed suitable, and I eventually chose a free pattern called the Capitan hat.

I like this wee pattern because of the cute cables on the front, the lovely wee details, and the super knitted brim.  The finishing touches with the front strip and buttons were something that appealed too. I found these cute heart buttons at my LYS, and at only 25 cents each they were a bargain.  The pattern was logically set out and accurate, although I did have an issue with the brim instructions. One row of instructions said PM instead of SM – that is, place markers. I already *had* markers from the previous row, and then I got all confuddled when I was taking the extra one out. And I ended up with my increases in different places on each side and had to rip it back. But given it was only about 10 minutes work, it was not a huge deal.  Overall, this was knit up in just a couple of sessions of knitting – maybe three or so hours all up. Certainly an easy knit for when you are in company or a bit too tired to concentrate on a pattern.

The yarn: stash yarn of course! This is lovely Malabrigo Worsted in Vermillion which is left over from Christmas gift knitting. I had 56g and hoped like crazy it would be enough. I have 8g left over.  The reason I was not sure how much it would take was because the pattern is written for a chunky yarn, and for an adult head. I had worsted weight yarn and a child’s head.  I subbed in 5mm needles, but other than that I knit the pattern as written. It is not a long hat though, and I think it could do with being longer – especially if you want the wearer to have warm ears!  Miss 1 fits it perfectly. She seems to think she needs one as well.

What a great way to knit up a wee bit of stash yarn – I suspect this pattern runs small, so if you are intending to knit it, I’d add an extra repeat in the back. But this is just perfect for a kid’s knit – yay a woolen hat that they actually want to wear 🙂

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