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New Pattern: Lizette Beanie and Beret

I’m excited to show you the latest pattern I’ve been working on.

The Lizette Beanie and Beret pattern has been on the drawing board since last spring, but I put it aside until the weather was more suitable for woolly hats. And, once the autumn chill started to bite, I felt the need to work on hats again, just as I had imagined I would. So, I took up the pattern again and sent it out to my lovely testers. 

The pattern is a lace and cable combination – I the crisp lines that cables create, and the lace pattern is delicate yet fun to knit.  As with all my favourite lace repeats, it is easily memorised and easy to knit.  I like knitting I can relax into, where I don’t have to be poised over the pattern all the time.  If you’re like me then you will enjoy knitting this pattern.  You don’t have to be hugely experienced at lace knitting either to give this a go – an adventurous beginner lace knitter could enjoy knitting this.

I also love that you can knit a beanie or beret from the same pattern.  It started out as an experiment – but it worked, so I decided to go with it.   As you can see, it’s got sizes for a child and an adult too.  More versatility. Love that! I hope you do too 🙂

The pattern is for sale on Ravelry – and you don’t need to be a member to buy – you can just click here… <a href="buy now“>Buy Now


Benji at the beach

I’m really pleased to announce that my new pattern Benji is loaded up  and ready for sale.  It has been in testing for the last couple of weeks and I got such great feedback from my fabulous test knitters – it saw an extra couple of sizes being added to the pattern, and some instructions for making a custom fit beanie, because despite what some patterns would have you believe, one size really doesn’t fit ‘all’ very well! 

I have knit five of these in different sizes while I was developing the pattern- Miss 2’s above was knit first, and is a little tight – moving up a needle size didn’t change the gauge but it does change the way the fabric behaves – so, I really recommend you use 4.5mm needles for a more flexible fabric. 

Miss 3’s was knit next. I adore the 100Purewool yarn – the hats for all us girls are in this yarn – this is the undyed and the Quebracho. Delicious, and topped with a Buttons By Benjii button it’s really popular with its owner.  In fact the fourth hat I knit is indentical except in Newborn size, for her not-so-anatomically-correct baby doll.  I didn’t photograph this one yet because it’s minus its button. I *know* I have one more from this set somewhere, but the *where* is currently alluding me.

And then one for me…

In Chocolate and (I think) Lust.  I love it – I think this may be the first beanie I’ve ever owned. Certainly I’ve not been a fan before, but it fits well and is super soft and really warm.  I’ll definitely be getting lots of wear out of it.

And the final version was the man-sized one. The Robot button was custom made for me – a gift from Nicci at Buttons by Benji.  The yarn is John Q Heathers – and it took just a smidge over 1 ball (thank goodness for another ball in the stash!) and the variegated yarn is some Wool Company Seaweed.   Heathers is not the softest of yarns, but it passes Dh’s scratch test, so that’s good.  And another good fit 🙂

All these pictures were taken today at Oakura beach. Sundays are, for us, usually a family day. Sometimes it includes visits to friends, fortnightly we visit the library, and sometimes we just hang out at home. Today Miss 3 suggested we went to the beach. She dressed herself in short shorts and a t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt underneath. The sun was shining in through the conservatory, warming the house up. She suggested she pack her togs. Despite the fact she is ready for summer, and it was a beautiful day, there is no denying the fact it’s still winter here. She was amenable to suggestions of warmer clothes and we packed a snack and headed off. I packed lots of beanies for a quick photoshoot while everyone played. DS made a hut out of driftwood, the girls found tiny shells and threw sticks into the river.  Everyone wrote (or ‘wrote’) messages in the sand. And eventually we all packed off home, tired and hungry. Miss 3 commented in the car “We came to the beach because I thought of it.”  And what it brilliant idea it was. Thanks sweetie!

Dolce Socks for kids


My first pay pattern was released yesterday on Ravelry 🙂 It is a baby, toddler and child size version of the Dolce sock pattern.

After a month or so with my testers, I was nearly ready to release the pattern when I unexpectedly went back to work. However, the planets finally all aligned (or whatever…) and I got all the right things on Ravelry done to organise selling patterns.

The photo above is a simply beautiful shot from one of my testers, whose children obviously are more obliging than mine when it comes to foot modelling!  I have knit four pairs of the socks, and – honestly – getting modelled shots is nigh on impossible!

Yep, photo calls are hard things!

So, I have been knitting, even if I haven’t been sharing it all with you.

And I have to say, it’s been great to be able to use up some ends of balls, and the final pair used up the wee sample of Merino/Silk blend I got in my Blendy’s box. It is from Grrrlshaped yarns, and it totally divine. The colourway does not suit the pattern at all – something I knew in advance, but I was desperate to knit it up!!  I even had a wee bit left over, I think this pair only took 14grams of yarn all up!

In order to accomodate the pay pattern on my blog, I’ve created a new page for my patterns on my blog – you can click from there to Ravelry to buy it. I have also made  a PDF of the Dolce sock pattern for adults and will be adding the other patterns as I get time over the next week or so. 

So, a huge thank you to my test knitters – your ideas and input and encouragement were valuable. Without them, the largest size would not have been written either – so those knitting for 4-6 year olds have them to thank for that 🙂

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