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FO: Brambles Beret

After a bit of a delay at the final hurdle, I’ve finally finished knitting, blocking AND sewing in the ends of this beautiful beret. A  darning needle was the missing piece in the puzzle, and in the end I gave in and bought a new one – I still hope to find my old favourite faithful one somewhere yet!

Anyway, enough about my domestic dramas – onto the hat… Isn’t it lovely?  This is the lovely Brambles Beret which is a free pattern available on  The hat comes in three sizes, and not content to knit one of the ones available, I combined the medium band with the large body.  It was an idea blatantly copied from another Raveler’s project, along with the idea of starting the seed stitch at the cast on rather than where the body begins. I think it makes for a cute alteration, and the flow from the rib to the cables works well too.

This yarn is from my lovely magic yarn ball from Olive&Emma yarns.  I had thought I’d only get one project out of it, but I got two… The second is a sample for a new cowl pattern, but you’ll just have to wait to see that one. I need to get the pattern written up properly and onto testing before you can see it properly.


FO: Mockingjay Dishcloth


When I was putting together my package for our recent magic yarn ball swap, I got assigned a swap partner who is adores The Hunger Games. I figured that I could put together a parcel that was Hunger Games related. A quick Ravelry search came up with some Mockingjay charts, which seemed like the perfect idea for a dishcloth.

The chart that I used was intended for colourwork, but instead I used it to make a reverse stocking stitch pattern on the dishcloth, as I didn’t think that the reverse side of colourwork would be that practical for in the kitchen.

I worked it double stranded using Dk weight bamboo yarn, Patons Serenity, which was a stashed yarn, leftovers from a project more than two years ago, and I used 5.5mm needles. 

I could have centred the design slightly better – but when I had finished the chart the cloth was very rectangular, and so I kept knitting until it was more square.

I matched it with some ‘nightlock berries’ stitch markers, a little felt pouch, and some gorgeous China Glaze Hunger Games nailpolish.  It didn’t feel like a lot of goodies for a magic yarn ball, but I was fresh out of themed ideas, time, and budget.  But, my recipient ended up winding the yarn rather than knitting it out, so I don’t feel quite so badly about it now!

This was a fun little project, and I have always enjoyed the gratification of quick project, and this was no different – that said, it did take a couple of nights of chart following, but I think it was worth the result.




Some months ago I received a gorgeous magic yarn ball swap parcel. It was packed with lovely wee gifts in organza bags, which slipped right out of the yarn.  At the time I greedilyenjoyed seeing them without the hard work of having to unwind the ball to get to them.  Little did I know the problems that I was causing.  When I decided to wind the yarn up a month or so ago, I struck  a problem. A very tangly problem.  Anyone who has ever spent hour upon hour untangling a skein of yarn knows the kind of problem I had.

But this was worse.

Trapped inside the middle of that tangled yarn was a big bar of chocolate.

Serious problem, eh!

I wound about 45 grams and could see the end of one skein of yarn, but came across a massive tangle and, with the evening wearing on, I decided to put it aside. And aside it sat. Until my sister came to visit and she got stuck in, untangled the last 5g of the first skein, and then we together unwound the rest of the magic yarn ball, coming across only one further major tangle.

I do have to say that, given the effort she put in, she claimed a very modest amount of chocolate as her reward.

So now I have two small balls of very purple sock yarn calling to me, reminding me that it’s Socktober, and I haven’t knit a single row of a sock this month. Shameful really. I will be rectifying that soon!

All Wrapped Up

A friend put me onto the idea of Magic Yarn Balls through a swap she was doing on Ravelry. What a fabulous idea! I haven’t read the book that the ‘pattern’ for these come from, Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Larissa Brown but as it states on the Ravelry pattern the basic idea is to use a ball of yarn to wrap up several small gifts.

So, with my friend Anthea’s birthday sneaking up on me, it seemed like a great quick project. This is what she got:


I used 100g of Naturally Sensations 10ply yarn (scrummy 70% merino, 30% angora blend) to wrap up a selection of gifts. That seems to be the most difficult part – tyring to *wrap* them.  I didn’t quite manage to completely cover the wee set of knitpicks tips so she spotted those right away. But she will have to work through the yarn in order to get to the other gifts within. And something inside rattles – just to keep her interest piqued!

I decided to title the gift “All wrapped up” because that’s what her gifts are! Although I wasn’t cruel (or ambitious) enough to wrap her chocolate inside – that was wrapped with the gift, for easy access.  I included a pattern for the “Birthday Cowl” which seemed perfect – a nice professional alternative to a scarf which she will be able to use for her job in the coming winter months.

I topped the ball with a ribbon and a cute knitted flower – but I have to admit it was purchased rather than crafted by me – one of a few in my trimmings stash that seems to come in handy.

In time I will have another Magic Yarn Ball to share with you – I’ve signed up for a swap on a forum I frequent. They have to be sent in April, so I’m on a deadline. This one needs to be hand-dyed, so it’s a great excuse to play with colours again! And in order to avoid the gifts poking through and being guessed, I might just wrap them *before* they get wrapped up with yarn. Oh, and next time I will remember to wind into a ball from skein using my swift. It takes a lot less time!

I think this a great gift for the knitter in your life – a little bit of challenge, an excuse for some selfish knitting, and a guarantee that they will knit up the yarn you gift them!

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