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Summer Sock Club

 I was really good this year, and didn’t sign up for the Vintage Purls Summer Sock club. Oh, but I sooo had to sign up for the Needlefood club! I hadn’t heard about sign up for the last couple of clubs but managed to hear about this one in advance – a specific time was announced, and I (absolutely co-incidentally, I swear) happened to check that day about the right time and secured myself a slot.  I hadn’t purchased off Michelle at Needlefood before, but I got a sample from her in the recent Blendy’s Box, and got a lovely skein for Christmas too.  But I had heard good things, so I thought it was worth a punt.

From what I have seen of the website, the sock yarn Needlefood does comes in semi-solids or variegated yarns. I do have a preference for semi-solids, and hope that we get one in one of the parcels. However, I do love this cute colourway called “There’s Flowers in my Salad”.  It has a lovely mix of greens, pinks, some slightly orange tones and browns.

There are no patterns included in the package, so it’s up to me to decide what to knit with this yarn (or if I just stash it for a while, which I am thinking of for now). 

There are, however, lots of lovely goodies in the package – an emery board and holder, some hand cream, edible goodies, and a lovely set of stitch markers and a big ring to hold them – it is a lovely parcel and was a delight to receive.

Speaking of delightful, I finally took piccies of the yarn I got in our swap last week.

Lizzie used food colouring to dye this – I think she said she did the bright colours first and then overdyed with black – quite an extraordinarily clever colourway.  This is 100g of hand dyed yarn on a Vintage Purls sock yarn base. Delicious!


When the going gets tough…

The tough go shopping.

That’s how it goes, isn’t it?

Well, you if imagine that we have had a stressful few days, you would be right. Despite not diagnosis on her leg issues, Miss 1 is improving and is mostly walking by herself most of the time now after a good number of days off it.  We had a couple more GP visits and another set of x-rays but she is officially a trooper and coped really well. So, somehow when I found myself in front of the laptop with some non-medical-crisis time on my hands, I managed to discover the Needlefood sock club was a) open and b) sold out. Whoops, an entry somehow fell into my shopping cart 🙂 I have a sample from the Blendy Box and the skein I recieved for Christmas, but am yet to acutally knit with Needlefood sock yarn. But I’m looking forward to it.

And in the meantime my parents have been helping out and undertaking some big garden renovations and routine garden maintainence too. More on that later 🙂

Oh, and I signed a contract for one term’s teaching (rather than the whole year) which I officially start today, but the students don’t start until Tuesday 🙂 What better way to prepare than to buy a new work wardrobe (What, lesson planning you say? Hmmm, you might have something there. Maybe tomorrow.)  Anyway, I had fun!

Gosh, shopping without three children is quite enjoyable 🙂

I am hoping that I can managed to fit a wee bit of knitting into my work day – staff meetings are bound to be much more enjoyable with yarn after all! Some sock projects might well be the pefect project to pack into my work bag.

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