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40 bags in 40 days update

You might recall that some time ago I posted about the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. When I posted I was about a week into the challenge and had already found and removed a massive 27 bags of things from the house. I kept busy for the rest of my holidays and beyond clearing away unused, unneeded or outgrown items.  There was excavation of wardrobes. There was a massive cull of books from my shelves (parting with books is sooo hard!). There was a much needed sort through of outgrown toys, outgrown clothing, or in my case, now much too large clothing.  By the time I was done there was not a wardrobe or storage cupboard that had not been sorted through and reorganised. 

Some finished photos…

Everyone should have decorative yarn baskets in their houses, yes?

And of course the final incentive for me doing this challenge was that we put our house on the market… buying a house with bigger storage seems like such a good idea.  Looks like we’ll be on the move very soon, so I will having to be packing all the lovely organising into boxes all ready to unpack and reorganise at the other end. Wish me luck!


KAL: Last Chance for entries

A quick reminder that if you were paricipating in the Budding Designers Downunder KAL of my patterns, tonight is the last night you have to enter them in for the prize draw.

To be eligible, you must post pics of your project here. (Argh, linky things seem to be broken tonight… Try here…  ) You’ll be able to check out the stunning projects from other knitters there too. It’s been great to see so many lovely Garden City Scarves, as well as some lovely Benji beanies, and Dolce Berets too – even a gorgeous Lizette Beret in Madelinetosh  yarn too – that is one gift I’d have serious difficulty parting with!

You will also need to have a Ravery project page up to be eligible. If you’ve posted pictures to the thread on the forum, you need do no more to enter. If you didn’t, simply use the tag “BDD August KAL” and I’ll know to include you.

The prizes include five copies of my Lizette Beanie and Beret pattern, a skien of Vintage Purls sock yarn, and some scrummy MadelineTosh DK in Silver Fox.

So, if you’ve been *meaning* to get around to posting your project, hop to it!!

5 today!

I had my last 4-year-old cuddles for a while last night.  And this morning I got woken up by a five-ear-old who needed Mum and Dad around so she could open her presents.  These two were very special, as she had spent her birthday money about six weeks ago in anticipation of Nana and Grandad needing some ideas. They were put away in the designated hiding spot and she was so excited about waiting for her birthday to receive them. So, thanks Nana and Grandad – both for the present, and the lesson in waiting.

We were super lucky that her birthday fell on a weekend day, as she was able to go from a great morning to her party, and tomorrow will be her first day at school. As our house is still on the market, we needed to have an open home this weekend, and therefore planned to have a party at the local swimming pools, where they have a great party room for hire. It turned out to be a terrific venue, and the children all had a fantastic swim and play, before having an early lunch/late-enormous-morning tea. It certainly did my girls until about 4pm! 

There were presents to be opened, and time went so fast I ended up coming home with a pristine, un-opened pass-the-parcel.  She suggested we use it at home,  somewhat hopeful there I think!

And of course there was cake…

She was rather surprised to find there was a doll stuck in her cake. Funniest reaction to a cake yet methinks (but it is exactly what she asked for!) I had to make sure I didn’t ignite  Barbie’s hair…

I totally forgot to take any pictures once we got home, but there was a lot of playing with new toys, and quite a bit of exhausted mother sitting on her favourite spot on the sofa. Too tired to even knit!  It’s been a busy few weeks, but we are hopeful that things will settle down as we work out our new routine. Tomorrow, School, day one. Exciting stuff!

Rainy Saturday Afternoon

I’ve been indulging in a little Saturday afternoon laziness today. 

The girls have a new friend, hereafter referred to as the-girl-across-the-road.  She’s 7. 7 is very cool. After all, Dora is 7.  And, well, she seems to like to play with them. Her favourite game is dress-ups.  As in, dressing my girls up from their clothes drawers. Life-size dolls, as it were. Anyway, t-g-a-t-r has been here entertaining my wee ones.  One more in the mix changes things up nicely.

The teen had soccer this morning, but it was at the closest park, and he was able to cycle there himself. And, because of a flat tyre and no-credit on his cell phone, it took him extra long to get home. (Not so fun for him, but very quiet for me!)

The husband and I spent some time painting one exterior wall of the house this morning. But we only have one ladder, so while he remained outside painting, I was free to knit and read magazines.  Ahhh, bliss.

The planets don’t often align this way, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

In half an hour I’ve got a carful of teens decending for the teen’s birthday celebration (much delayed as he was waiting for a friend to return from overseas). We are plying them with junk food and an all-you-can-eat dinner out – I expect much hilarity and lame jokes.  But they are such good company, with their talk focusing on Dr-Who, Lego and computer games… Not much like I was at that age, but lovely none-the-less.

And things could be worse… I could be out waterblasting in the rain like my husband is, in preparation for our first open home tomorrow.

So, how are you spending your Saturday afternoon?

40 bags in… 40 days?

Inspired by some online friends, I am in full declutter mode at the moment.  It all began with a post suggesting we look at this blog, whereupon I read about her participation in a challenge to purge 40 bags of ‘stuff’ from your house/garage etc over a 40 day period… Intended to be over Lent (the 40 days before Easter)… but that particular boat has already sailed for this year, and I really need to declutter NOW!

So that’s what I have been doing for the past week or so.  Taking one area at a time, I’ve been working on cutting down on unnecessary clutter, as well as tidying what remains behind. These pictures aren’t exactly inspirational, but they are very pared down…

Our map collection stays, but I did recycle about 20 out of date accommodation guides and other things assorted papers from in here. I even organised all the stray wires that might have formerly been useful for the video player but no one threw out and I”m not sure if they will ever be needed again… tidied away into a takeaway container…

And the cupboard under the television looks like this…


I threw out three huge bags of video tapes from in here, as well as a bag donated to the hospice shop.  I also rationalised the playdough things, and added storage boxes for some craft things. I really need to add more in here from the other arty areas when I get to them. Give me another week or so!

I also had a good go at the kitchen cupboards. We have been looking at houses and contemplating putting our house on the market, so they’ve had a repaint inside and out (pantry is still a work in progress – the doors are off at the moment and the cupboards will get their second coat tomorrow on all the trims.)  I was appalled at the huge bag of icecream containers and lids I pulled out of one cupboard, but pleased to hand them on to a colleague at work who planned a soup making marathon for her holiday activity (we both clearly know how to live it up!)  Old bowls, pots and other items didn’t stand a chance as the ruthless new me had a go at them as well.  The result is a much tidier, much roomier cupboard under the sink.  Blissful.

I’m sure you’re getting the idea – in fact, despite the fact I’m not even a week into the challenge, I’ve already removed 27 bags of things from the house.  By the way, the ‘bags’ I am using range in size from the regular supermarket bag size to a large shopping bag (like the big Pumpkin Patch ones for example).  I’ve lost count on the number of paper recycling bags I added to the pile this week, and I’ve got four more ready to go… cardboard recycling is another biggie, and the local hospice shop is getting a good number of goodies too. It’s not ‘junk’, just not being used or needed by us any more. And it feels great to be getting rid of things too.  I even listed a bulk lot of maternity gear and it was snapped up – it’ s not left the property yet, so it’d not counted yet, but it’s been sitting there for three years unused… about time it went! 

I am so pleased to be doing this – I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ve got big plans for the next few days… Like finishing the mission I started in my son’s room today, hitting the girls’ toys, and their craft supplies too. 

If you are looking for some inspiration on this challenge, take a look here – beautiful photographs, awesome storage ideas, and I love her idea of a ‘scrapbook box’ for each child, where they can collect and store special items in one safe place.  My son now has one, not that he knows it yet!

And yes, my days have been so full of decluttering that I don’t get to pick up a knitting needle until after dinner! Goodness, who would have imagined my holidays would be like this?

Birthday time

Things have been on the busy side around here the last week or so. Miss 2 is no longer Miss 2… Welcome to Miss 3!


We had planned to celebrate her birthday a little early last weekend, but she came down with a random fever the day before and has to postphone.  The day dawned rainy and cloudy today so I was delighted that we had booked an indoor venue with plenty of space for the kids to run around. We hired out the local YMCA’s Kindygym, which was great fun for everyone.  The birthday girl particularly enjoyed the rings…


It was lovely going to a venue that wasn’t ‘home’ – we get a lot of rain at this time of year and the odds were that it would rain. A small house filled to the brim with kiddies and their parents didn’t much appeal, so it was awesome to see them all with room to spread out and have fun.

Miss 3 didn’t have many ideas as to what she wanted for her cake. The only request was ‘green’.  Given green is her favourite colour, it’s not surprising… but she didn’t give me any clues. So I decided to go for this fairy theme.

It seemed to meet with her approval too, which is good!

A good time was had by all. And of course we have to do it all again next month for DS, and then again the next month for Miss 4… Busy times in these parts!

One thing I have been wondering is what you all do for your birthday cakes? I ended up buying an Edmonds Buttercake mix as I wanted something lighter than I seem able to produce. What are your favourite/most successful cake recipes for a reasonable size cake?

A lovely weekend

I’m just back from a quick weekend escape.  It was a super night away, and while I’m so tired my eyeballs may as well be hanging out, it was worth it!

The ingredients?
Take two old friends

One beach bach

Eight(ish) hours driving

Meet ups with two sisters and one family of friends

Add two small daughters

Two large chocolate easter eggs

Many, many DVDs

Homemade soup and bread rolls

Hours of talking

Many many hours of knitting

And lots of relaxation

And… well, blend all together. 

It really was as fun, and as exhausting as it sounds.

Not sure that I’d recommend watching the movie American Psycho until 2am to many people though! (Although Time Traveller’s Wife went down well. Still not as good as the book though!!

Ah, what a lovely way to start two weeks holiday 🙂

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