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#14 Some Scrapbooking

Last week when my sister came to visit, she took some time to help me organise my scrapbooking albums. There were some glaring gaps – and poor Miss 2 had only two pages in her album, which seemed like something I should do something about. So, in between preparing for a new school term, juggling poxy children and an ever-growing obsession with my vegetable garden, I have started to put together a few pages for her album. Not that hard since we also reorganised all my scrapbooking supplies in the holidays and I even had the photos printed already.

Anyway, here goes…

It feels good to have made a start on the big pile of pictures to catch up on, so I’m going to make an effort to scrap every week from now on. Can’t have the littlest one feeling like she wasn’t as exciting an addition as her big sister with her big fat album!!


Blogtober 22nd: Fun with Glue and Scissors

Yesterday was wonderfully sunny so I didn’t do the planned craft activity with the girls. Today dawned grey and overcast. Not long after, the rain arrived. So, after Music, and after pikelets for lunch, it was time for fun with glue and scissors.  Miss 1 had retired to bed early, so she missed all the fun.

Backstory – when Miss 3 was Miss nearly 2, she and I made a wee scrapbook photo album of a typical day for her.  It has been one of her favourite books since then. I thought it must be time to update it, since the girls are so different now – Miss 1 was just a little ‘ub then, only just starting to smile, so she has changed a lot. So our new book is about them both “Things we like to do”


As you can see, Miss 3 and I worked on this together.  She plunked the picture right on down, after she had fun with the glue.  She also was able to press down each letter sticker as I selected it.  We could discuss the letter and its sound too. Lots of fun.  Miss 3 also got her first go with the wee guillotine which she really enjoyed too 🙂

Here are some more pages.








You might notice that there are some very funky placements of the flowers in this picture – Miss 3 has a real artistic streak obviously! I have avoided using too many embellishments as the last book we made, they took aaaages to do, Miss 3 loves brads and ribbons especially. But then she also likes to pull the pages out to fondle them afterwards.  For this reason too, the pictures are not photographs, just printed out on high quality paper at home. No point in making this an ‘untouchable’ album. I expect it to be well loved.

The lovely papers we used were a birthday gift from my biggest sister (Thanks D!)  They are so cheerful, the young lady loves them.  Such bright colours, and happy patterns.  Perfect. The letter stickers are great fun too, a great way to keep Miss 3 involved. 

This is just a WIP though – we have another 6 pages to make.  Miss 3 is looking forward to it 🙂 And while I prefer sunshine, if it rains tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll mind too much.

Something Different

It’s birthday season! Somehow, most of my three children’s friends birthdays all seem to fall within the same three month period and we are kept busy with birthday parties to attend. We have a lot of fun, and Miss almost 3 loves parties. She loves party dresses, she loves being at the party, she loves party food, party games (mostly just pass the parcel at the moment), she loves seeing her friends open presents, and she loves the cake. She’s always ready to help blow out candles if whoever is celebrating doesn’t know how yet.

We had two parties to attend this weekend, and for something a bit different, and a bit personal, I thought I would make a mini album up for each of them, all ready for their parents to put photos into.

I was able to make these from things I had in my scrapbooking stash already. I have made hardly any time for scrapbooking this year, so it was fun to dig through the stash and think of things that would suit the recipients.

First up was a one year old boy, a cheerful and fun wee lad. I chose a series of blue papers, starting with baby blues for photos of his youngest days, progressing through funky retro prints. And I teamed it with chocolate brown foam letters.

Here’s a few of the pages…

Picture 2657


Picture 2658


Picture 2659


And today’s party was for a sweet two year old girl. I had some cute flocked punch out accessories, and I used them to decorate the pages along with just three sheets of scrapbooking paper.  I also used cute pink alphabet stickers to girl it up a bit. Here’s some pages.

Picture 2661


Picture 2663


Picture 2664


And of course I had lots of fun, and wondered why I never seem to have (or make) the time to scrapbook for my own albums.

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