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What do Shakespeare and knitting have in common?

Answer? Both were part of an enjoyable weekend away


Our family took a long weekend break this past weekend to travel across to Turangi to visit DH’s great aunt.  Apart from his parents and sister, she and her family are his only relatives in NZ.  We usually go across to visit her once a year, although we missed a year last year.  And we love to visit in Autumn if we can – Turangi has something we don’t get here – lovely deciduous trees.  It’s much better to visit than to be responsible for raking up all those leaves, but it’s totally irresistable to crunch and kick your way through piles of fallen leaves.

Another lovely aspect of the visit is that DH’s great aunt in another knitter.  So lovely to have knitting company, even if she does favour acrylic yarns! DD 2.8 was delighted to find a hand-knit blanket on her bed – there were also ones for DS, and a double one in the master bedroom.  And in our room, this crocheted beauty 🙂



I had plenty of time to sit and knit while the kids explored a new house, DS enjoyed a Sky-watching marathon and we all relaxed after our time at the Tokaanu hot pools. There is a cool wee DOC track around a geothermal area including a few wee mud pools which were  a hit with the kids, as per usual. And look at what got it’s first outing…


Great Aunt’s house is full of wee treasures – from the nostalgic items like candlewick bedspreads and a knitted doll covering a spare toilet roll, through to a great collection of teddy bears for the girls to enjoy. And, for me, a copy of Bill Bryson’s book on Shakespeare. Okay, call me mad, but I had it read cover to cover by the time we left today.  And really enjoyed it. Given my not-so-past-life as a high school English teacher, and my current post-grad -student-of-English designation, such madness is really par for the course. And luckily, thanks to many a mis-spent evening in front of the computer knitting, I can knit and read at the same time.

As well as knitting on Whisper, I cast on these cute socks last night:


These are the Staccato Socks from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn, colourway JOY from Vintage Purls. They are supposed to be knit in stripes, but I only had one colourway with me – they are looking sweet though, so I think they will be a success.

It was time to head back home today, and somehow DH missed the turnoff to take us back the route we came. I deny all responsibility – I was knitting, not driving! So we ended up coming back via the Forgotten Highway. Possibly the shortest, but most isolated route home. The AA describes it as ” one of New Zealand’s most secluded roads, explores the ever-changing landscape between Taumarunui and Stratford.

New Zealand’s first heritage trail, this scenic route winds over four mountain saddles, alongside the spectacular Tangarakau Gorge and passes through the 180-metre-long, single lane, Moki tunnel.”  They forgot to mention the 30 or so kilometres that aren’t sealed yet.  But it was a good, very quiet, trip – we didn’t pass another car, or get passed, on the whole 4 or so hour journey home.

And so now we are home again… I think I’ve got a bit of button shopping and blocking to do tomorrow!


My own private Everest

No, I haven’t gone mountain climbing. And, no, I didn’t discover a knitting pattern for a mountain.  But, I am still knitting the-same-never-ending-sweater.  Slinky Ribs.  And, like conquering that seemingly insurmountable mountain, it seems like finishing this sweater is going to take perserverance, and it will be worth it in the end.


Does this seem like a familiar refrain to you?

Well, I decided that there was nothing for it but to knit it and stick with it. Over the past few weeks I have completed the first sleeve and the neckband, leaving only one sleeve to go. One ball and a bit of yarn left. Only a couple of problems…

I knit and knit and knit around and around and around in 2×2 rib – which looks great. And last night, I ran out of yarn 1.5 inches from the end of the sleeve.  Argh!

And to be honest, the sweater neckline does not finish as low as I thought it would, so I had to finally admit that I had to knit the body longer too.

So, tonight I sit here, having finished the sleeves (finally!) but now with nearly another whole ball of yarn to complete the body to extend it further. If I were to do it again, I would have done more of the rib in the body rather than the stockingette. But to go back to that mountain allusion, I just don’t want to go back the mountain just to climb right back up.


We are heading off on a wee break tomorrow, with around 4 hours drive each way. So I hope that before I return I’ll be able to join my countryman  in being able to say “I knocked the bugger off”.

NaKniSweMoDo Progress…

After a marathon effort in January with three finished items, it’s been a dry couple of months for finished sweaters around here. I thought that I should show you the progress that I’ve been making  – the actual progress, rather than the items I’ve knit in my head!

Slinky Ribs

It’s still coming along, honest!  Once I scored some extra yarn, I made the decision to make the sleeves full length. And then after looking at Ravelry’s finished projects, I decided that 2×2 rib was the way to go. Soooo, slooooow progress on the 2×2 rib in the round! I am trying to pick it up each day and get an inch done at the least, and thus sleeve number one is slowly emerging.


I think it’s just over half way there. So, sometime in the next two weeks, I should get this done.

Garter Yoke Cardigan

After having a good look at the Knit1 magazine, I fell for the Garter Yoke Cardigan.  And I have had some Purple Mystery Malabrigo in my stash just asking to be knit up. Seemed like the perfect match.


I cast on for it two nights ago.  I am enjoying a mindless knit, and it makes a nice change from the 2×2 rib of the Slinky Rib.  And oh so cuddly!  You can’t buy Malabrigo here in New Zealand easily (or cheaply) so this is a special treat for me. My FIL was my yarn mule last year on his last trip to the States, just before the dollar dropped.  I think he’s planning another trip in May, but I don’t know if I will get anything this trip.  I certainly would not be able to justify it if I hadn’t knit up this before he went anyway! So, I am being a little self-serving in chosing this project now.


Hopefully I will have one  more finished NaKniSweMoDo project by the end of this month. Maybe two. Just in time for the cooler weather.

The life and times of an overcommitted knitter

I should be ecstatic. And really I am.  My second installment of the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club arrived this week. And it’s delicious!

Take a peek at this:




But… When: will I get to it?  It seems like I might be slightly overcommitted in the knitting stakes right now.  There is…

* Slinky Ribs – body all done! (but I might want to lengthen it yet..) so sleeves and neckline to go.

* For some insane reason I thought I should start and easy knitting project – so cast on for Clapotis in my yarn swap yarn (the purple one).  While that’s all fine and well, it’s one more thing on the needles, distracting me! But it’s something I can do while doing reading for Uni if I don’t need to take notes.

* Teddy – don’t forget teddy! Every bear needs more than one paw, and I think perhaps a body should be knit some time soon too!

* And if I were completely frank, I could tell you about not one, not two, but three other projects that are on the needles. As well as a second Fargyles sock in there too. It’s no wonder I had to order more Knit Picks cables, eh!

Argh, what a slippery slope life as a knitter is at times.  But for now I console myself with this…


Slinky Ribs in progress

Knitting is coming along well on the Slinky Ribs sweater.  I have finally reached the stocking stitch portion of the knit.  All this despite distracting myself with a bit of teddy knitting 🙂


I am liking the way this is looking, it’s hard to see the rib detailing here, but it’s cute 🙂


I was also delighted to score two more balls of the yarn from my local yarn shop in the same dyelot – given that this was a gift bought goodness knows where (from a still secret swap!) this is incredibly good luck.  I should now be able to have long sleeves, which will make this so cosy! And there are more balls in the shop too, if I need them.

While some people might complain at the idea of 10 or more inches of stocking stitch ahead of them, I’m not going to. We are heading away for my Uni course this afternoon, which is about 5 hours drive each way. I figure that even with sharing the driving, I’ll be grateful for some plain knitting to keep my fingers busy on the drive.

What do you do on a rainy day?

Today was rainy.  Really rainy.  And it just wouldn’t stop! So, we decided to hang out at home today. What to do? First we had a serious puzzle marathon, while I tried to knit and read my Uni text.

Then Miss2.5 and I made some yummy bread rolls for lunch. 


After lunch I attacked the mending pile in an effort to unearth my sewing machine.  Nothing earth shattering – mending seams, buttons back on, labels inserted, that sort of thing.

And then, a wee secret project for the little miss – another addition to her dress-up box. 


This wee ladybird cape is made from a nappy cut of sandwich PUL. I made it double sided, so the otherside is white with a cute red print pattern spots.  The black spots are demin which I appliqued on.  It’s fastened with velcro around the neck, so she can put it on herself. And it’s versatile enough to fit even an adult sized neck (Yep, I made Daddy into a ladybird).

And, since I had the machine out, I got around to a project I had been meaning to do for ages – an apron for DS11, which he needs for ‘Food Tech’ at school.  He chose a red cotton fabric (well, I didn’t have much in my stash that wasn’t totally girly).  I teamed it with a worn out pair of jeans to fashion something I hope he’s not embarrassed to wear in class.


I cut binding for around the seams from strips of demin, added a pocket to the front, and cribbed the button from the waistband for a neck closure.  The ties are from demin as well.


And once the kids were in bed, it was time to take the knitting out again.  I have chosen to cast on the Slinky Ribs from the new Custom Knits book I got on the weekend.  So, lots of 2×2 ribbing has been the theme of the day here.  It’s super cosy in Merino Possum yarn too.


So, it’s been a day of productivity for us here, but nevertheless I am hoping to see rather more sunshine than rain tommorrow.

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