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Dreamy Knitting


I’m loving knitting with my Dream in Color Smooshy.  The colour is called Pansy Golightly, and it is such a lovely subtle variegate. The yarn is so and, well, smooshy.

As far as I know you there aren’t any suppliers of Dream in Color in NZ – I got mine from WEBS, and I’m super glad I moved it from my stash to my needles 🙂

And speaking of needles, I bought myself some new sock needles too. I decided to try some Addi Turbos in the sock sizes – I broke one Knitpro too many, so I wanted to try a different option. What are your favourite sock needles?


#13 Outside and In

Today was another ‘home day’, and while my poxy princess was napping (and her younger sister wasn’t…) I headed outdoors to the vege patch. It is very blowy today, and I was disappointed to find my new greenhouse was not holding up to the winds.  I rescued some seedlings that were overturned, and planted some out before putting in my main crop of potatoes – the early ones are looking like they are nearly ready to harvest already. Good! I’m going to need their space for other things before too long!  On my way back through with the hose I spotted some leeks that were looking deliciously plump, and I started to form a plan for a leek and spinach tart for dinner. Yummy!  I love having a productive vegetable patch – instant inspiration.

Inside the house I’ve  finally cast on a sock (being Socktoberfest and all!).  Using my newly wound purple Knitsch yarn, I have been working on my new sock pattern, which is proceeding with the minimum of frogging so far.  The colour in this yarn is really a lot more like a cadbury’s wrapper purple than the screen shows – a delicious squooshy semi solid, gorgeous to knit up.  A certain two year old has her eye on the leftovers too. 🙂

FO: Blackrose Socks

It seems like forever since I’ve knit myself a pair of socks. Probably because I have a whole wardrobe of them already and my cosy toes have made me complacent about knitting more. However I cast on for these socks some 3 or so weeks ago, knowing that they would make a good companion knit for my cardigan project.  Seamless adult garments tend to get unweildy rather quickly and since I love to knit in the car, I like to have something suitable for such occassions.  Thus the Blackrose Socks.

I chose this pattern for several reasons – it is free (a Knitty pattern), cute, and easy. A couple of the ladies in my local knitting group have made themselves pairs and enjoyed knitting them, so I thought it would nice to follow suit.  And it was – this is a lovely pattern to knit. It has four sizes to chose from, and I knit the second size (64 stitch) size which is a good fit. I matched them with this dramatic dark blue semisolid yarn which really brings out the lace pattern.  The yarn is Patyonyle sock yarn that I recieved in the latest Naki yarn swap, hand dyed by my lovely friend. She had hand wound it, and there it sat, hopefully awaiting being knit up, helpfully ready for the occasion. And thus it was chosen. 

The socks have an offset lace panel, and there is a companion pattern for wristlets which features the same panel. I have 35 grams of yarn left after knitting the socks, so I might whip up a pair sometime. Although there never is a better time than when the weather is cold.

I’m back off to work next week, and I thought that these would make good sensible socks to wear underneath work trousers. I’m wearing them today but you really can’t see them under my gorgeous new Doc Marten boots.


Pattern: Blackrose Socks – a free pattern from

Yarn: Hand dyed Patonyle Sock Yarn (80%wool, 20% nylon) 65g

Time Taken: 3 weeks off and on in the car and when I felt like it

Difficulty: Not the easiest lace pattern in the world to memorise – I was actually still relying on reading the pattern rows off the pattern when I finished knitting.  These are top down socks so you’ll need to be able to graft the toes, but other than that it’s a very simple lace pattern with yo’s, ssk, k2togs and so on.  I love the way this really pops when you wear the socks though  – simple but dramatic.

Would I knit this pattern again? Yes, definitely – always a good recommendation.

This week

First up, thanks so much for your comments and suggestions about my socks. They sat next to my chair looking ugly all week. Day by day more comments came in, mostly saying to frog it.  Day by day I read and contemplated.  And on Saturday I finally frogged them. And now the yarn is sitting, staring at me again, wondering what it will become. I cast on a new pair of Monkeys in the Needlefood Sock Club yarn I received. And now I’m wondering if I like the way *they* are knitting up..

Also, there was great excitement in our house this week.  Preschool had deemed St Patrick’s Day “Wacky Wednesday” and it was requested that I produce some wacky accessories in green for the girls to wear.

This is what they wore.

The girls had super fun with their green playdough and green pikelets, and Miss 3 was delighted to find the wacky things that they preschool had done to prepare for the day – the ‘family corner’ was all topsy turvy with chairs upside down and the cot on top of an upside down table.  The best bit for her was finding a tree in the toilets though!

And speaking of Miss 3, she had a good go at writing her name on the blackboard at home the other day – not all the letters, and not in the right order (She started too far across and ran out of room), but something to be proud of nonetheless.

I have been knitting too – and in fact have made very good progress on a test knit I am doing for an adult knit. But more on that tomorrow 🙂

Dolce Socks for kids


My first pay pattern was released yesterday on Ravelry 🙂 It is a baby, toddler and child size version of the Dolce sock pattern.

After a month or so with my testers, I was nearly ready to release the pattern when I unexpectedly went back to work. However, the planets finally all aligned (or whatever…) and I got all the right things on Ravelry done to organise selling patterns.

The photo above is a simply beautiful shot from one of my testers, whose children obviously are more obliging than mine when it comes to foot modelling!  I have knit four pairs of the socks, and – honestly – getting modelled shots is nigh on impossible!

Yep, photo calls are hard things!

So, I have been knitting, even if I haven’t been sharing it all with you.

And I have to say, it’s been great to be able to use up some ends of balls, and the final pair used up the wee sample of Merino/Silk blend I got in my Blendy’s box. It is from Grrrlshaped yarns, and it totally divine. The colourway does not suit the pattern at all – something I knew in advance, but I was desperate to knit it up!!  I even had a wee bit left over, I think this pair only took 14grams of yarn all up!

In order to accomodate the pay pattern on my blog, I’ve created a new page for my patterns on my blog – you can click from there to Ravelry to buy it. I have also made  a PDF of the Dolce sock pattern for adults and will be adding the other patterns as I get time over the next week or so. 

So, a huge thank you to my test knitters – your ideas and input and encouragement were valuable. Without them, the largest size would not have been written either – so those knitting for 4-6 year olds have them to thank for that 🙂

Times when you are glad that you knit

So, Miss 1 has a sore leg. She isn’t walking, and spent nearly a whole day marooned on the sofa with me before she realised she could still crawl. Now, you can probably predict the story ahead: yes, we have been to the GP twice. Yep, Accident and Emergency too. Yes, many hours of waiting: waiting for appointments, waiting for X-Rays, waiting for blood tests.

Oh, sometimes I am so glad I’m a knitter! I remembered to pack spare nappies, wipes, a snack for Miss, my cell phone, wallet and the sock I am working on. And that was plenty. Because, let’s face it: waiting room magazines are a bit on the sucky side. But knitting, well, that usualy only sucks briefly around the time it throws a curve ball your way (like the fact you didn’t bring your pattern – but in a good news/bad news kind of way, I’d knitted it twice before and had the general idea of how it went.)

So, let me present to you the socks I’m making for the lovely Nikki, my blogiversary giveaway winner.  She chose green, and I am using some Araucania Ranco sock yarn (in the creatively named shade ‘112’) to knit her a pair of Kai-Meis. And, in a piece of good luck, she has tiny feet (despite several entries from people with self-confessed large feet, I scored a size 5 gal!), so I am adapting the pattern for 6o stitches instead of 66 to enable a better fit.  This is sock #1.

But, Miss 1’s medical explorations have revealled only this: she can’t/ won’t bear weight on her left leg. It’s sore. No spiral fracture has shown up on the x-rays. Despite the slight temperature she is running, she doesn’t have an infected joint. So, it’s either an irritable hip which should fix itself, or a spiral fracture which will show up  on the x-ray only once it starts to heal. Either way, in the meantime we have some more waiting to do – waiting to find out what happens, whether she will start to walk again by herself in the next few days and whether she will end up in plaster in the hottest part of the year (eep!). And in the meantime, I’ll keep knitting.

Oh, and thinking about whether to accept either of the relief teaching contracts I’ve been offered – both of which are part-time, differing durations, but both will mean the girls have to be booked into full-time daycare.

Birthday girl or mutant?

I had a birthday this week. And, lucky me, I have a husband who is well trained. He *asked* me what I wanted, and top of my list were two sock knitting books. I told you I was addicted to sock knitting, eh?

First on my wish list was Sock Innovation by Cookie A. I drooled over the patterns when it first came out, and having seen some finished products on Ravelry, I’m still drooling now. Only one problem – it’s sold out on Amazon! So, this part of my birthday present will be delivered in a couple of months time. One way to prolong the celebrations.

And second on my list was Wendy Johnson’s Socks From The Toe Up.  This is newly published, so I thought that I could offer a bit of a review.

First, this is a beautiful book, with lovely clear illustrations, each sock is pictured numerous times, taken from different angles. The patterns in the book are intended for solid of semi-solid yarns and are pictured in a range of lovely colours and beautiful yarns. The layout of the book is logical and accessible. Beginning with a section on techniques, it then moves through three basic sock patterns, and then onto sections on lace socks, gansey socks, cabled socks and sportweight socks. Within each of these sections there is a range of patterns, and all begin with the most simple patterns first and get progressively more challenging.  This allows the knitter to choose wisely, and gives a sense of the difficulty involved.

Picture 2197

And what review would be complete without me throwing a sock pattern onto the needles? I had been thinking about casting on the Noro sock yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago, and wanted  a stripy pair of socks. So, I cast on one of the basic sock patterns, the Gusset Heel Basic Socks.  It is a simple knit with a wide toe and an interesting gusset heel rather than a heel flap, not something that I have come across before. 

Now, here’s the mutant part.

The pattern says to knit the length of the sock 5- 6.5cm shy of the length of your foot before beginning the gusset. Which I did. Yet when I tried it on later, it was too long. I decided I must be a mutant.

Until I finished it and tried it on the other foot. And it fit.

I forgot I have one foot longer than the other.


So, now I have to decide: do I knit the other sock the same length and have it slightly too long, or do I knit it to fit my smaller foot. They are going to be fraternal twins anyway – totally different colour combinations so I think that I might make it a centimeter shorter and embrace my inner mutant.

Aside from this, it is an easy pattern. It would be an excellent pattern for a first-timer, with a Turkish or Judy’s Magic Cast On, simple gusset heel, and not a lot else for challenge. I chose to do a sewn bind off -my first blast at it – which is described in the techniques section. I like this a lot, and see myself using it for my toe up socks. I don’t like the really wide toe though. I think I prefer a narrower toe, but that will be easily remedied.

Picture 2199

I can see that I will be knitting lots of patterns from this book. It’s an excellent buy. And by arriving two months before its competitor, it has the jump.

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