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FO: Breakwater

Something that I worked on over the winter is this lovely lightweight sweater, Breakwater by Cecily Glowick MacDonald.

Okay, so I finished this in July or early August – the pictures were taken in August when the magnolia at our old house was just coming into bloom (I must say I’m delighted that we have not one but two magnolias at our new house.  Sadly we missed their blooming this year, so that’s something to anticpate next winter and spring). I recall working on this for around a month, maybe I’m remembering wrong. But, it was a very simple knit, as it’s knit in the round, and mostly stocking stitch.

I have to admit to getting very brave – this is the first time I’ve knit with Wollmeise yarn, but I had two skeins of Ruby Thursday of 80/20 twin sock yarn and it seemed a shame not to knit myself something with it.  And, since it was such wonderful yarn, I thought it deserved something plain to let it shine all on its own. I think that I achieved that, if the comments I’ve been getting each time I wear it are anything to go by.

I managed to squeeze a size 42.5 inch out of my two skeins, just shortening the sleeves a little to allow this.  This is, of course, easier typed than done, and did involve quite a bit of frogging to achieve, as I apparently can’t use scales very well. Nevertheless, it was worth doing. The sleeve length works well over a winter top, or with a singlet top underneath for the Spring. Of course, I do wish I’d made one size smaller (the 38.5) since I’ve been performing an ‘incredible shrinking woman’ trick this year.  It has meant most of my knitwear no longer fits me… this is still quite acceptable, but I do have other things I can’t really wear out in public without looking a little silly. I could have had those longer sleeves after all!

This is such a simple knit that there is really not a lot more to be said of it. I guess things like gauge could be helpful… it was knit to gauge, 22 stitches and 30 rows, and I used my lovely Addi Click needles for it.


Something New

(Ignoring the fact I’ve disappeared off the face of the  blogosphere for a good 4 weeks…)

I got some lovely NEW yarn, and it’s so lovely I just had to tell you about it.

Introducing Max… A new yarn from my fave NZ yarn dyer, Vintage Purls.  Max is an 8ply sock yarn- the only NZ one that I know of.  Like the VP Sock yarn, it is 75% Superwash N.Z. Merino / 25% Nylon, and it is supposed  to be knit up on 4.00mm – 5.00mm needles.  Each  100g skein has  208 metres / 227 yards, enough to knit a pair of women’s socks (I hope!)


And… a skein of a lovely semi-solid green Moritz- I’ve been all about green for some time now, and this is simply gorgeous!

Limited Edition - Moritz

You might need to stalk Vintage Purls’ website as this is all out of stock right now – maybe you can save your pennies for some. It’s simply gorgeous!

My Creative Space

In my creative space this week I’ve been working on a hibernating project. And just now, I finished off the final stitches of a pair of socks begun over twelve months ago.

They had been sent to the naughty corner for causing altogether too many problems.  The yarn was lovely – received in a swap. The pattern came with it. I wasn’t sure if I loved it. I cast on for the pattern, and had problems. So I ripped back.  I cast on something else instead. Yuck. I ripped that. Rinse and repeat. I finally cast on again for the original pattern minus the patterned toe.  And it was s.l.o.w. going. Every row a pattern row. It just didn’t gel with me. I was poised over the pattern all the time, which I hate.  And when I tried the patterned heel flap, it was the end. Enough. Off to hibernation for this sock.

And strangely enough, when I picked this up on Saturday it just went smoothly. The leg of the sock went fast, and before I knew it I was onto sock #2. Eliminating the problem spots from last time meant this was all smooth sailing. And so now I have a finished pair of socks in time for winter, and one fewer project in the naughty corner. 

What’s happening in your creative space this week? Check out more creative spaces here.

More Garden City knitting

I just could not help myself… I had to knit another one.

Yes, I’m not sick of my new Garden City Scarf pattern yet.  I decided to knit a 4ply scarf, rather than another 4ply shawl. And it’s lovely.

Light  – knit on 4mm needles, in snuggly Vintage Purls Vintage Sock yarn.  This was from my stash. I bought it last year right before it was discovered that the yarn was not properly superwash treated. I loved the colour so much I didn’t want to return it. And so I had to find a non-sock project to make the most of it. I adore my other Vintage Purls shawl, so squishy and delicious, so this seemed an ideal use.

Long – over 1.9 metres using 80g of yarn. 

Versatile – I’ll be able to wear it wrapped once, with the ends out, or twice, or even more if it’s seriously cold out there.

Gift Knitting #1

I’ve been knitting some secret gift knits over the past few months, and now that they have been gifted I can finally post about them.

So, for today, a lovely shawl that I gifted to my mother for her birthday.

This was the first installment from the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Yarn Club – the first time it has branched out from all sock patterns.  I loved this shawl pattern on sight, and the rich coloured yarn that was sent seemed a beautiful compliment to the pattern.

The pattern is called Connie, and although it will be exclusive to the club for now, it will be available to purchase early next year. And I really do recommend it – a lovely sideways knit shawl that allows you to use up the maximum amount of yarn from  your skein.  In fact, it does sail fairly close to the edge – I had to do 12 repeats instead of 13 on the advice of other club members… just in case.

This took about a week to knit – surprisingly long but it was an enjoyable knit.  The lace repeat was just my kind of repeat – it made perfect sense, and I knit along really happily on it.  The weather here is just starting to get chilly, so I hope this is well received and useful this season.

PS: My links won’t load up for some reason – I did intend to put them in, honest!

Yes, I do still knit

Contrary to what you might have been thinking, I have neither disappeared off the edge of the universe, nor have I forgotten how to knit. I’ve been knitting steadily through a few projects over January, so I will eek them out so as to keep coming back and posting.

The biggest knitting accomplishment so far this year has been my Cecilia cardigan.

I cast on for this sucker on Boxing Day. Without swatching. Silly me.  I then ripped it back when I realised it was waaay bigger than it should be the next day.  So, cast on officially on December 27th, and I didn’t finish it until January 17th. And I knitted a lot over the holidays. A lot!  There is a heap of knitting in this top!  Seriously – I spent an  entire weekend doing just the body ribbing!  I made it from Vintage Purls sock yarn, in the colourway Taimi, which was  a sock club colourway a few seasons ago.  I adored the yarn, and when I scored a second skein in a swap, I thought I might as well knit something significant with it.  I chose this pattern because I liked it, and I had enough yarn. But I wasn’t sure if it would suit my figure. I like it on now that its done though.

Of course, all of that would be too easy – in fact I did not have enough yarn, something that became apparent to me when I was knitting the ribbing. I stopped the body ribbing ten rows early to conserve yarn (nooothing to do with my ribbing aversion, not at all!) and even then it was clear that I would need more. I was able to get enough to finish from a very kind Raveller, and whilst the dyelot was clearly different, I just used it on the arm ribbing, so I don’t feel the difference is noticable to the casual observer.

I ended up knitting the body quite a bit longer than the pattern recommended – I really wanted it to fit over the boobage!  So, I did fittings as I went, and slowed the rate of increase down on the fronts so they didn’t get too wide. I’m glad I did as I prefer this look to seeing the ribbing up higher, which looks like a mistake to me – I guess it’s the benefits of making something for yourself – a much better fit.

The arms are a bit tight – I’d suggest if you have arms that are less than petite  you might want to cast on extra under the arm and add an extra pattern repeat to the arms. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Proof #1 I’ve not given up knitting yet. But stay tuned to see what my mum was knitting beside me when I was knitting this.  Check back tomorrow!


I’ve been secretly working on a gorgeous test knit for another designer the past week or so, and since I was planning the purchase of  a new camera, I waited until it arrived to take pictures of it. 

The top is a size 4, for Miss 4. Knit in , what else? 4 ply!

I used Vintage Purls, my yarn of choice it seems. I had more of this lovely Dolce Vintage Sock yarn left, and knowing her penchant for pink I figured I couldnt’ go too wrong.

And I adore this top. It’s light and lacy, perfect for the warmer weather. It’s really, really girly, perfect for the stage she’s going though. There are options for beaded or unbeaded – I chose unbeaded as I didn’t  have anything suitable in my stash.

And as you can see, Miss 4 was quite happy to pose and play in her new top – lovely!

I’ll keep an eye of for the release date of the pattern and let you know when it comes out 🙂

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