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Something New

(Ignoring the fact I’ve disappeared off the face of the  blogosphere for a good 4 weeks…)

I got some lovely NEW yarn, and it’s so lovely I just had to tell you about it.

Introducing Max… A new yarn from my fave NZ yarn dyer, Vintage Purls.  Max is an 8ply sock yarn- the only NZ one that I know of.  Like the VP Sock yarn, it is 75% Superwash N.Z. Merino / 25% Nylon, and it is supposed  to be knit up on 4.00mm – 5.00mm needles.  Each  100g skein has  208 metres / 227 yards, enough to knit a pair of women’s socks (I hope!)


And… a skein of a lovely semi-solid green Moritz- I’ve been all about green for some time now, and this is simply gorgeous!

Limited Edition - Moritz

You might need to stalk Vintage Purls’ website as this is all out of stock right now – maybe you can save your pennies for some. It’s simply gorgeous!



I’ve been a bit of a spendthrift over the last few weeks. My mailbox has been a rather busy, rather yarn-y place this week. My kind of week really!

First up was a WEBS order – I decided to get a couple of garment lots of yarn. And I even chanced my arm at some Madelinetosh Tosh DK. The last time I got a garment lot it was so poorly matched I would not have been able to use it… and have had fun using it up on other knits instead of course!  I’m pretty happy with my five skeins of Baltic though.

Unfortunately with the overcast day the lighting wasn’t good on this for the colour, but you hopefully get the general idea.  I’ve had this colour before and I love it. I think this will be my next project. I deserve some DK or worsted knitting right now!

Another garment lot I could not resist was some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. It is 45% wool, 35% silk, 20% nylon and at 192 yards/50g skein it is a lot thinner than  your typical DK but it says to knit it up on 4mm needles. I’ve seen some lovely garments in this yarn on Ravelry, so to get mine at half price ($4.99 US) because it was a discontinued colour was brilliant. I ordered Sage, and it is a very light colour, but something I haven’t much of in my wardrobe (or woolies drawer) so worth a go I thought.

And I wasn’t planning any more yarn purchases after than, until I heard whisper of a sale at Hidden Purls with flat rate international postage. Far too good not to check out. Far too good not to by at!

Gorgeous Madelinetosh Merino Light 4ply, in Amber Trinket


Noro Silk Garden colour 258

And a lone skein of Malabrigo Rios in Sunset. I’ve been wanting to try this for ages, and I thought the colour was irresistable!

And it’s not just yarn either – I had a button buy-up too, although in my defence this was bought a couple of weeks ago and I had to wait for delivery…


Lovely buttons handmade in Christchurch thanks to Nicci at Buttons by Benji. I admit to being rather addicted to these!  So are my girls, so it works out really well for everyone.

In the meantime I’ve been knitting away with some lovely yarn and will have something to show you early next week all going well.  And I got brave and popped my Dew Point shrug into the washer and dryer and it’s *much* better. Sooo glad I did. I think that the lace was just too stretched out in the blocking process, so this has solved its issues.  I’ll try to snap a picture sometime soon. If and when the rain stops!  Thanks for the encouragement.

More Magic

I got a delightful, and rather unexpected, package in the post on Friday. A magic yarn ball!  I signed up for swap a few weeks ago, and they don’t have to be sent for nearly a month, but my swapper clearly lives on a far more organised planet than I do!   I nearly told myself not to open it until I  have mine ready. That idea lasted ohhh, maybe 2o seconds? I’m strong on will power, eh!!

The concept of a magic yarn ball is simple – wrap small gifts up inside a ball of yarn for the recipient to find as they knit up the yarn. Clearly you can see this concepts runs into a little trouble when you try itwith 4 ply yarn. I can seeeeeee the goodies inside! I spy chocolate, a notebook, some ribbon, a pen, some buttons, and other treasures too. And it smells so gooooood! There has to be some lavender hidden away in there somewhere. The whole parcel smelled divine when I opened it.

You don’t have to have a theme for a yarn ball – but my swapper clearly knows my tastes – this ball oozes purpley goodness! And the yarn, oh, the yarn! Stunning purples courtesy of Knitsch – the colourway is Beauregard. Just gorgeous! This is lovely stuff – 100% NZ merino sock yarn. Divine semi solid colourway, mmmm. I am planning and wondering what I should knit with it already.  I am totally pumped for Knitsch too, their sock yarn is now being stocked by the Nationwide chain of knitting stores. And our local has them prominently displayed on and behind the counter too. Great work Tash!!

Back to the magic yarn ball though – I need to start planning mine now, so watch this space for some creativity 🙂


The results of my recent yarn buying spree have been coming in to my mailbox over the last few days. So I thought that I would share the pictures of these yummies with you.

First up is the first thing I ordered –  some goodies from an 100 Pure Wool co-op.

I ordered a couple of skeins of their 3ply worsted yarn, just to see what it is like and how it knits up. They are earmarked to add to the stash so I can avoid the yarn-buying crises that arises when I need to knit a gift fast. Following my yarn-buying philosophy from last year, I want to buy things that I will be happy to find in my stash, and to be able to use it for a variety of small projects. These filled the brief nicely, and were super cheap to boot. Go the co-ops!

I also ordered two skeins of 4ply yarn, which I got superwash treated too – it’s another $2US a skein, but I thought it prudent in case these end up as socks. The colourways are Mares (the blue) and Melancholia (the pink).  I wanted something different to what I already had stashed, and these are every bit as lovely as I was hoping.

The other box of yarny goodness was from WEBS. I went on a MadelineTosh buying spree, and this is the result.

6 skeins of Vermillion Tosh DK earmarked for my next sweater.  I am a teensy bit anxious about the fact these look nearly solid – not what I was expecting. I am hoping they knit up a little bit more semi-solid than they appear. Not that it will make a lot of difference to the finished object, but it was what I was expecting from the pictures of FOs on Ravelry.

3 skeins of Tosh Vintage, the new worsted weight offering. The Baltic in the middle is for something for me. The skein on the left  is to stash, and the ball on the right is to knit a gift for a swap I am doing soon. 

And finally, a skein of Scarlet in their nearly solid sock yarn. It is super squooshy, and I cast on straight away for a Branigan shawlette.  It is knitting up beautifully, and it will be so delicious to wear. The reason for casting on so soon was this…

Yep, I abandoned my last Branigan. Iwasn’t 100% sold on the yarn – it was a tiny bit scratchy – and when I encountered some knots, my patience with it started to disappear. But by the time I had found SIX knots, the last four within less than 8 rows, I decided that the knitting universe had a bit of a message for me. I think this yarn needs a new person to love it. Because it just makes me want to snip it into hundreds of tiny bits. (Ooh, there’s a good idea – I could send it to preschool for collage supplies!!).  Anyway, I love love my MadelineTosh version a hundred times more 🙂

Buying Yarn

I’ve been very good lately.  I haven’t been buying much yarn, and I haven’t been increasing my stash. I did, however, take a trip to my two local yarn shops last week. And what a depressing experience it was.

This coming weekend is my mother’s birthday. I had decided on a pattern and yarn weight and colour to knit it up in as a present for her.  You would think that with a choice of two shops I would be able to find something pretty and tempting. Instead I left with a very ordinary yarn, which I was disappointed in. I wish we had better selections available in our local stores.

But the best thing to do when you have a disappointing yarn buying experience is to cleanse the palate with something tastier. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. So, here is the first installment which arrived in my mailbox today 🙂

Knitsch yarns is a brand new NZ indie dyer of sock yarn. And I am loving these two colourways that I bought on their scrumptious 100% merino base.  The top is Izzy, lovely blues and purples together. And the pink colourway is Sunrise on Snow, which is a cute mix of colours I just know will appeal to my wee Misses.  All the skeins look beautfully dyed and presented. The service was extremely prompt – I ordered and paid on Tuesday and on Thursday I had my parcel.  I also got a prompt and polite email acknowledging my order. 

Included in my parcel was this lovely selection of handmade cards and some envelopes to fit.  Each card features a photograph which has been machine sewn onto a card – what a fabulous idea. I love the pictures, and what a great gift to include – thanks!

You can check out Knitsch’s online store here.

Hmmm, not sure when I will be casting this on though – I am part-way through sock #4 of my new sock pattern that I am working on, as well as just starting the second front panel of the test knit I am doing. Oh, but the temptation is great!!

Oh no, my suitcase won’t close!

Yarn sales while you are away from home are dangerous.  I think we might need to send ahead a box of presents and yarn…

First there was this sock yarn half price…

And you know how much I like knitting socks!!

And then there was a yarn sale of massive proportions. My only mistake was taking a baby with me – she fell asleep in the car and slept peacefully in my arms while I shopped and waited in the mother of all queues. Except that only left me with one arm for yarn… Darn it! 

I got this for a Heather hoodie vest.

And, well, I guess I bought this for me stash…

There is enough for a sweater, probably not a hoodie though – it’s Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran weight, and I love the colourway – even if it does remind me *just a bit* of the alpaca I have waiting for me at home…

Right, off to pack – we head home tomorrow. The kids are looking forward to heading home, and Miss 3 wants to see what her sunflower is up to.


Picture 3100

 Did you hear that?

It was me falling off the wagon. Yep, my self-imposed yarn buying ban is well and truely broken.


So, first there was this:

Picture 3093

The kiwi dollar is so strong against the US at the moment that I just could not resist this delicious Colinette Jitterbug that I bought from JimmyBeans on special. It worked out about $22 NZ including postage per skein. I love all three colourways I bought, at the front is Ginger Cinnabar, and the middle is Velvet Bilberry, and Velvet Damson is at the back.  This is a lovely 4ply yarn, which is destined to be socks, or shawlettes.

Picture 3090

Next to arrive is this cone of undyed Vintage Purls sock yarn. My lovely knitting friends and I did a co-op, and it allowed me to get this cone at such a reasonable price. I am going to dye it up for this gorgeous cardigan from the latest Knitty magazine.  I figure once I’m done with my 12 knits,  I can do a slow 4 ply knit if I want 🙂

And then, well, I figured if I’ve fallen off the yarn wagon, I might as well enjoy it. So I bought these two cute limited edition skeins of Vintage Purls sock yarn.

Picture 3095

Picture 3097

And I am pleased to say that’s all I’ve bought. This lot I swapped for…

Picture 3099

These wee lovelies were swapped with a friend for some sewing I did for her. Each is 100g of Aran weight hand dyed Organic Merino. Yum!! It is from Woolly Wumpkins in the UK, and while I have not a clue what it is destined to become, it was too lovely to resist.

So, there you have it. I console myself with this: since this is a knitting blog, my buying yarn is more exciting for you than my *not* buying yarn.

Oh, and I did promise to finish knitting up my sock club socks before buying more yarn. I have totally failed at this, only 3 of 8 socks done. However, I have done another 4 pairs in addition to this, plus my yarn stash is actually smaller than I was aiming to get it. Each of these beauties actually has a space to go in my yarn box. (Although I do tend to keep new yarn out for petting and admiration for a while…)  So, all in all, this is the kind of failure I can live with.

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