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Giveaway Winners

Thanks so much to everyone for their lovely comments on the new pattern, the Stripy Stashbuster Vest,  I released yesterday.


I drew the winners thanks to and have already sent the patterns off to the winners on Ravelry. Congratulations to:





Lori Howlett

I hope to see some cute stripey vests in lots of different colours springing up on your Ravelry pages in the coming weeks!

Links don’t seem to be working on quickpost tonight, but you can see projects and purchase the pattern here:


FO: Beyond Puerperium Sweater

I was looking through some photos on my laptop and came across some of yet another long unblogged project (or two….). So, since you were deprived of photos yesterday, I thought it was time to show these to you.

May I present to you, the sweetest wee baby outfit!

Knit to the versatile Beyond Puerperium sweater pattern by Kelly Brooker, this is a fabulous wee knit.  It has sizes from 0-2 years, and three yarn weights: 4ply, DK and 10ply.  Knit all in one, it’s a raglan sweater with offset opening, perfect for dressing a baby. I knit the 0-3 month size, as it was for a baby whose mother is very tall, and baby was rather overdue. I thought I’d rather knit this size than the NB one. There is a free version of the pattern for just NB though, so worth checking it out if you’re after a great baby gift.

I used stash yarn, not at all sure what it is now, sorry. I do remember getting it from an Aussie knitter’s destash. I was a little nervous because I had only 100g of Dk weight yarn and the pattern stated 110g. I felt lucky to finish it with leftovers. And so I decided to make a little hat to go with it!

This is a little Benji beanie – one of my patterns, and another multi-size pattern. This is the smallest, NB size, but it goes right up to an XL men’s size.  It  knit up super fast, and is amazingly soft as I used Sublime Merino for the main yarn.  Although both yarns were DK, it knit up fine on 4.5mm needles and created a lovely fabric (the pattern states 10ply yarn).  I finished it off with a button from stash – a sweet wee Buttons by Benji ladybird button.

It was so satisfying to make a sweet wee set up entirely from stash yarn and buttons, and was lovely to acquire a new pattern that I know I will use over and over again.

Happy New Year!

I thought it was well past time I popped on to wish you all a very happy New Year. 


If you thought I must have been busy, you’re right! We welcomed the new year at home and since then have travelled to Christchurch, tonight will be our fourth set of beds in a week.  AND we’ve had three different candle-blowing-out occasions (with a grand total of thirteen candles blown out, despite the birthdays totalling 115 years. Some things just don’t add up! And that’s with one person getting TWO lots of candles.)

I have been taking my needles and knitting with me though, and I’m making good progress on my first project for the year, which is a lovely cardigan, Making Waves by Mary Annarella. I cast on in lovely MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light, which is a 4 ply single, and is knitting up beautifully. The colourway is Amber Trinket, which is a stunning combination of colours – I adore these photos of Lina’s cardigan which made me fall in love with this colourway. In typical Tosh fashion, no two skeins seem to be the same, so I’ve had to alternate skeins through the body and I’m hoping the sleeve skein has enough of the various colours in to avoid having to do so in the arms too though.  Looking good so far – about four inches down the first arm. 

Apologies for the links rather than photos – guess who forgot to bring their camera??

Bai Hu Baby Sweater

Months and months ago I knit this gorgeous wee baby sweater, and totally forgot to blog about it. I was just catching up on some blog reading and saw another version of this, which reminded me. So, here goes…


This is Bai Hu – Tiger of the West,  a gorgeous sweater designed by Julie Gilliver, a good online friend of mine.  This is part of the Chinatown collection, which also features the cutest wee jacket. While they are unisex, they are designed especially with boys in mind. Julie is blessed with a houseful of boys, which is great for all those knitters who are hanging out for great boy’s patterns!

My version is the newborn size, and I knit it in the softest, most gorgeous Sublime Organic Merino yarn. Of course I also managed to run out of yarn (well, I was pushing it!), so I ripped back the bottom and added some cream Sublime yarn left over from knitting teddies, and then did the sleeves with a bit more of the cream too.  I think the contrast looks sweet, which is just as well! I got the yarn on clearance from WEBS and I wasn’t keen on paying international postage for another ball!  So, it took two balls, two and a bit would have been better.

I loved the sweet wee mandarin collar (which has an fun contruction), and the sweet wee neckline detail too.

A simple, seamless knit, this was fun to make and super soft. It is long since gifted – and no doubt grown out of too! But there are always new babies coming along in my group of friends, so I’m sure that there will be more occasions to make this gorgeous wee sweater, or its jacket-cousin.

(Yes, I *know* I’m meant to be packing the house for shifting. But I am a procrastinator extraordinaire, and clearly blogging months-old knits is faaaaaar more important. That and I’ve run out of boxes!)

Farewell Gifts

It’s a time of change in our household at the moment.  My lovely Miss 4 is only Miss 4 for another two days, which means she is off to school on Monday.  Today was her final day at preschool.  We have been blessed with an amazing preschool for the girls.  Intially she started just one afternoon a week, at around 2.5 years, just to give her small sister a bit of space from a bossy big sister.  Her hours increased when I started studying more and made myself available for relief teaching work, and she has been full-time for the last 20 months since I’ve been back teaching.  In that time, the staff has been incredible: stable, caring, fun, welcoming, loving, interested, and just overall wonderful. And, while Miss 3 will continue to attend,  it seemed fitting to mark her sister’s final day with some gifts. So, with a bit of planning over the last few weeks, I managed to make my deadline with a few days to spare even! 

These are the gifts – on me, since it’s a bit rude to demand photos after you give gifts (well, if you’re going to put them up on the ‘net anyway!)

First up was a lovely Windschief hat.  I seem to be on a bit of a Stephen West bender at the moment. Simplicity is so incredibly effective. This hat is no exception. It was a breeze to knit but so cute! I used exactly one ball of John Q Heathers, a DK weight yarn I got on sale for $3 a ball at Knitworld last January. I love the beautifully saturated colour.  What a great pattern. I made this for a female teacher in the medium size, but it’s also a great pattern for the men in your life. I will definitely be knitting this one again.

And as I said, a bit of  a Stephen West bender. I love this gorgeous reversible beanie, Botanic Hat. It’s a great hat for men, and totally suitable for women too. We have been really lucky to have a fabulous young male teacher at preschool, who stayed on after coming to the centre as a student last year (I totally love what this shows about what it is like to work there, when students just don’t want to leave!) So it was a nice chance to make a gift for a guy. I chose two neutral shades of the lovely new yarn, Mythral by Stansborough. This is a DK weight yarn from Stansborough Grey sheep, grown exclusively in NZ, which have a silky grey fleece.  The colours I’ve used are Takahe and Royal Takahe.

And who doesn’t love one hat with two different looks? I’d love to try this with one plain, one variegated yarn next.

One thing preschool teachers end up doing lots of is being outside on cold days. So, these fingerless mitts seemed like a pretty, practical gift too. I loved knitting these, which are the Oak Grove mitts by Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting.  I used a DK weight yarn rather than the Sport weight in the pattern. It is some BWM Rustic, which was dyed by the lovely KiwiFi and gifted to me a swap a couple of years ago. Perfect for this pattern! The colour is even a close match to the sample in the pattern.

I loved knitting these. While there’s a chart and a bit of cabling, it all works perfectly when you knit to the pattern. And the oak leaf really, really pops, especially when the gloves are blocked. Stunning!

And, since I’m on the whole designer double-ups, a second project from Alana Dakos – the Shawl Collared Cowl.  A super snuggly cowl, this will be perfect for outside duty days too. I knit it in Mosaic Moon Gaia Organic Bulky in the Pixie Dust colourway. I think the pattern more suited to a solid or semi-solid yarn but this is lovely in this variegated yarn too. We don’t have a lot of choice in 12ply, and I had almost none to choose from in my stash. I’d love to knit this again in a solid yarn, especially since it took just a few hours knitting (maybe 4-5 hours?) to knit up. A super fast gift!

I’m rather pleased to have all of these done as I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve pushed aside while I finished these – so, watch this space for some more finished projects in the next few days! Oh, and some pictures of the birthday girl too!!

Something New

(Ignoring the fact I’ve disappeared off the face of the  blogosphere for a good 4 weeks…)

I got some lovely NEW yarn, and it’s so lovely I just had to tell you about it.

Introducing Max… A new yarn from my fave NZ yarn dyer, Vintage Purls.  Max is an 8ply sock yarn- the only NZ one that I know of.  Like the VP Sock yarn, it is 75% Superwash N.Z. Merino / 25% Nylon, and it is supposed  to be knit up on 4.00mm – 5.00mm needles.  Each  100g skein has  208 metres / 227 yards, enough to knit a pair of women’s socks (I hope!)


And… a skein of a lovely semi-solid green Moritz- I’ve been all about green for some time now, and this is simply gorgeous!

Limited Edition - Moritz

You might need to stalk Vintage Purls’ website as this is all out of stock right now – maybe you can save your pennies for some. It’s simply gorgeous!


I’ve been a bit of a spendthrift over the last few weeks. My mailbox has been a rather busy, rather yarn-y place this week. My kind of week really!

First up was a WEBS order – I decided to get a couple of garment lots of yarn. And I even chanced my arm at some Madelinetosh Tosh DK. The last time I got a garment lot it was so poorly matched I would not have been able to use it… and have had fun using it up on other knits instead of course!  I’m pretty happy with my five skeins of Baltic though.

Unfortunately with the overcast day the lighting wasn’t good on this for the colour, but you hopefully get the general idea.  I’ve had this colour before and I love it. I think this will be my next project. I deserve some DK or worsted knitting right now!

Another garment lot I could not resist was some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. It is 45% wool, 35% silk, 20% nylon and at 192 yards/50g skein it is a lot thinner than  your typical DK but it says to knit it up on 4mm needles. I’ve seen some lovely garments in this yarn on Ravelry, so to get mine at half price ($4.99 US) because it was a discontinued colour was brilliant. I ordered Sage, and it is a very light colour, but something I haven’t much of in my wardrobe (or woolies drawer) so worth a go I thought.

And I wasn’t planning any more yarn purchases after than, until I heard whisper of a sale at Hidden Purls with flat rate international postage. Far too good not to check out. Far too good not to by at!

Gorgeous Madelinetosh Merino Light 4ply, in Amber Trinket


Noro Silk Garden colour 258

And a lone skein of Malabrigo Rios in Sunset. I’ve been wanting to try this for ages, and I thought the colour was irresistable!

And it’s not just yarn either – I had a button buy-up too, although in my defence this was bought a couple of weeks ago and I had to wait for delivery…


Lovely buttons handmade in Christchurch thanks to Nicci at Buttons by Benji. I admit to being rather addicted to these!  So are my girls, so it works out really well for everyone.

In the meantime I’ve been knitting away with some lovely yarn and will have something to show you early next week all going well.  And I got brave and popped my Dew Point shrug into the washer and dryer and it’s *much* better. Sooo glad I did. I think that the lace was just too stretched out in the blocking process, so this has solved its issues.  I’ll try to snap a picture sometime soon. If and when the rain stops!  Thanks for the encouragement.

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