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Gift Knitting #1

I’ve been knitting some secret gift knits over the past few months, and now that they have been gifted I can finally post about them.

So, for today, a lovely shawl that I gifted to my mother for her birthday.

This was the first installment from the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Yarn Club – the first time it has branched out from all sock patterns.  I loved this shawl pattern on sight, and the rich coloured yarn that was sent seemed a beautiful compliment to the pattern.

The pattern is called Connie, and although it will be exclusive to the club for now, it will be available to purchase early next year. And I really do recommend it – a lovely sideways knit shawl that allows you to use up the maximum amount of yarn from  your skein.  In fact, it does sail fairly close to the edge – I had to do 12 repeats instead of 13 on the advice of other club members… just in case.

This took about a week to knit – surprisingly long but it was an enjoyable knit.  The lace repeat was just my kind of repeat – it made perfect sense, and I knit along really happily on it.  The weather here is just starting to get chilly, so I hope this is well received and useful this season.

PS: My links won’t load up for some reason – I did intend to put them in, honest!


The danger of Sock Clubs

The danger of Sock Clubs is that your next month’s yarn will arrive…

before you have knitted up the previous installment.

Made even more difficult as I  frogged this sock too. There was  a nasty bit of pooling right around the sock, which I just knew would drive me batty.

Summer Sock Club

 I was really good this year, and didn’t sign up for the Vintage Purls Summer Sock club. Oh, but I sooo had to sign up for the Needlefood club! I hadn’t heard about sign up for the last couple of clubs but managed to hear about this one in advance – a specific time was announced, and I (absolutely co-incidentally, I swear) happened to check that day about the right time and secured myself a slot.  I hadn’t purchased off Michelle at Needlefood before, but I got a sample from her in the recent Blendy’s Box, and got a lovely skein for Christmas too.  But I had heard good things, so I thought it was worth a punt.

From what I have seen of the website, the sock yarn Needlefood does comes in semi-solids or variegated yarns. I do have a preference for semi-solids, and hope that we get one in one of the parcels. However, I do love this cute colourway called “There’s Flowers in my Salad”.  It has a lovely mix of greens, pinks, some slightly orange tones and browns.

There are no patterns included in the package, so it’s up to me to decide what to knit with this yarn (or if I just stash it for a while, which I am thinking of for now). 

There are, however, lots of lovely goodies in the package – an emery board and holder, some hand cream, edible goodies, and a lovely set of stitch markers and a big ring to hold them – it is a lovely parcel and was a delight to receive.

Speaking of delightful, I finally took piccies of the yarn I got in our swap last week.

Lizzie used food colouring to dye this – I think she said she did the bright colours first and then overdyed with black – quite an extraordinarily clever colourway.  This is 100g of hand dyed yarn on a Vintage Purls sock yarn base. Delicious!

Christmas Roundup

I hope that you all have enjoyed a blessed Christmas with family and friends. We have been very lucky this Christmas, spending it our wee family, and both sets of grandparents. The children have had an amazing day, too many sweets, many treats and been given lots of lovely toys and awesome activities too. And so now I sit inside alone but for sleeping children whilst Dh and my PIL enjoy an amazing calm night outdoors, still 22 degrees at 10pm. I tried joining them, but the wee bitey bugs found out I was there and came around for their Christmas feast too. Hmph.

Before I show you some of my Christmas knitting, I thought I would share this lovely picture of my girls in the car coming back from lunch with the grandparents. Needless to say, they were a *little* worn out from a morning’s excitement.

 You will be well aware I’ve been holding back on you on the knitting front of late. Here are some FO’s from the last few months – I’ll show you some today and some tomorrow. My sister in the States won’t have opened her pressies yet so I don’t want to spoil her surprise!

For my SIL, I knit this cowl.

The pattern is the Crofter’s Cowl, and it was a simple and enjoyable knit. Well, I say that now – but the first night I started knitting it, I just could not make it work out. The second attempt was a breeze. Lesson? Remember to sleep, it helps with knitting comprehension. This is knit in two pieces and grafted together, which did take a whole hour – am I a slow grafter or what? The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Vermillion. I wanted something super soft, and this fit the bill admirably. I’d been given a list of preferred colours, and it was nearly impossible to find any 10 ply locally in any of these colours, so I ended up ordering this from overseas. I used only around half a skein so there is plenty for a second one or another small project. SIL has deemed the colour ‘perfect’. Yay!

Another gift I got to give in person today was these socks for Mum These are Daphne by Vintage Purls – from the last Summer Sock Club – both the yarn and pattern.

Yesterday I was not sure these would be wrapped and gifted today. I had decided to leave the gifts to be given in person until last, as you do. Since I had knitted one sock of this pair way back in July, I thought it would be easy to finish the pair by Christmas Day. But on Tuesday I discovered, when putting the socks up against each other, I had made a fatal error in the heel of the first sock. I had to rip back the sock right to the beginning of the heel flap and reknit it. Gulp. So, in order to complete these in time I knit the leg a little shorter than I would have otherwise, and switched out the cuff in the pattern for 1×1 rib which was faster. I think that they will suit Mum’s tastes nicely at the length they are – thank goodness! I seriously contemplated wrapping up one sock only, but I got both done and blocked in time, and they dried super fast thanks to great weather on Christmas Eve.

And while I’m on a green theme, I’ll show you the lovely Rose Red beret I knit for my eldest sister. She is the token non-knitter in the family, so I asked her if there was anything I could knit for her, and she asked for a hat like mine. So after a colour conference I selected some yummy Malabrigo Silky Merino in Dill. The end result in a much less dense knit than the Worsted version I knit for myself, but I hope it will keep her warm during winters nonetheless. I have to confess I enjoyed knitting this pattern every bit as much the second time around, it is a super pattern and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any knitter who can follow very well written patterns.

And this is where I’ll leave you for today – tomorrow’s instalment will be more socks 🙂

When in Rome…

We all know the saying.  You’ve got to do what the Romans do, right? Well, I didn’t take off for Rome – I went to Christine’s place.  So, what to do when staying with Christine?

The girls and I ran (actually flew)  away on Wednesday to enjoy the company of good friends, and of course good knitting!  Well, to tell the truth I think the girls were oblivious to the knitting.  They enjoyed the company and the toys though!

I had to decide what knitting to pack  for our wee sojourn in the Capital.  I packed my Garter Yoke Cardigan, and a couple of skeins of sock yarn.  I left the Slinky Ribs at home – one sleeve is done now!  I had been fairly determined that I should knit up my second lot of sock club yarn before the third installment arrived. So when I saw Christine had cast on a pair of socks, I decided it was time to cast on for Theodora.

And by the time we went to bed on Saturday night, C’s socks were done, and I just had to cast off the second sock – call me a wimp, but my eyeballs were nearly hanging out of my head by that stage! I had just enough time to cast them off on Sunday morning and we donned our socks for a photo shoot before we went to the airport.

And here they are: Left – my Theodora Socks, and Right, C’s Plain Jane socks in Kafe Fasset Regian 4 ply yarn.


So – this is a finished object post despite the fact that I have only one sleeve between two sweaters currently on the needles 😀

Vital Statistics:
Yarn: Vintage Purls 4 ply sock yarn, Colourway Theodora, which is a limited edition yarn for the sock club. I used exactly 80 grams.

Needles: Knitpicks 80cm 2.5mm Harmony needles

Pattern: Theodora by Vintage Purls – knit toe up, with a more traditional construction than the previous sock club pattern.  The sock has a patterned panel down the front, but is stocking stitch behind – a really speedy knit. And cute too!


 Simple to memorise, it has an 8 row repeat, and you get to drop a stitch which is always fun (me, reliving the Clapotis experience already!). A close up:



There were some really cute details, such as the ribbing which flowed onto the front panel with some k2 p3 panels as well – a lovely touch.

And with the luck of the draw, I adore purples, so this colourway was great for me! Morag promised to post the third installment on the 30th, so I will have another gorgeous colourway and pattern to contemplate very soon.



The life and times of an overcommitted knitter

I should be ecstatic. And really I am.  My second installment of the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club arrived this week. And it’s delicious!

Take a peek at this:




But… When: will I get to it?  It seems like I might be slightly overcommitted in the knitting stakes right now.  There is…

* Slinky Ribs – body all done! (but I might want to lengthen it yet..) so sleeves and neckline to go.

* For some insane reason I thought I should start and easy knitting project – so cast on for Clapotis in my yarn swap yarn (the purple one).  While that’s all fine and well, it’s one more thing on the needles, distracting me! But it’s something I can do while doing reading for Uni if I don’t need to take notes.

* Teddy – don’t forget teddy! Every bear needs more than one paw, and I think perhaps a body should be knit some time soon too!

* And if I were completely frank, I could tell you about not one, not two, but three other projects that are on the needles. As well as a second Fargyles sock in there too. It’s no wonder I had to order more Knit Picks cables, eh!

Argh, what a slippery slope life as a knitter is at times.  But for now I console myself with this…


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