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Teddy Too


I’m not one to spoil my children, or give in to their demands… but I couldn’t help but notice how much Miss 2.8 wanted a knitted bear of her own.  So, this wee guy (or girl, I’ve been told) has been pieced together in the weeks since Easter.  She was delighted to be greeted by a finished bear this morning – only last night she was lamenting her lack of an ear, any limbs, eyes and a nose.  I had it all done but for one limb, so last night I completed the missing leg, and sewed the rest together, using every last bit of stuffing to do so.


I thought it would be cute to get a picture of the girls with their bears together. Wrong! It was an awful shot. Ah well, you can’t expect a 10 month old to sit still, really! Especially if you’re dangling a great camera cord in front of her.


Now, I don’t plan any more bear knitting in my immediate future. But you never know, we might be getting more in the household anyway…picture-2103


FO: Sublime Teddy

From this…


To this…


You might recall back in February I frogged a baby hoodie that was outgrown. I wanted to harvest the yarn and put it to better use rather than pass on something that I wasn’t totally happy with, especially since it was made from Sublime yarn!  

I decided that I should make the teddy bear from Debbie Bliss’s Simply Baby for DD2. You might recall that she has somewhat of a yarn fetish. Well known for loving her blanket and fondling WIPs, she is always keen to nab off with my wool. So the nubbly texture of a garter stitch bear seemed just the thing. And can you get more sublime than Sublime?

And so, the hoodie was disassembled and bit by bit, the bear was knit. I hadn’t touched in about a month when I realised that with Easter nearly upon us, and with Miss nearly-10 months too small for chocolately treats, the bear would make an excellent Easter gift. So, I downed circs and upped sticks to finish the bear in time. Thanks to some excellent help from the girl herself (waking up before 6am every day this week…) I was able to sew the last of the limbs on early this morning.

I was thankful for stash stuff too! With all the shops closed today, it was great to have some black wool felt, embroidery thread, stuffing and a cute pink velvet ribbon so that I could add the finishing touches.


He seems to be destined for a life of love from Miss nearly 10 months…


and her sister…


(Please excuse the I-recently-ate-a-hot-cross-bun face and the hairdresser-thinks-my-fringe-was-cut-too-wide-so-I’m-growing-parts-out haircut!)

So, it seems that after all that work, I’m not done. It appears that one Sublime bear is one bear too few.

Harvest Season

Well, it’s time to harvest the vegetables in the garden, and I’ve been doing just that recently.  We have enjoyed fresh vegetables with dinner almost every night since we’ve been back from holiday – so the last month or so.  And no sign of abating either. I scored a 7kg box of tomatoes for $5 from the local vege shop too, and I spent a good part of Saturday turning some into puree. Tomorrow: Sauce! Mmmm, they were beautiful!


But it’s not just vegetables that I’ve been harvesting. I finally set to and ripped apart the Sublime hoodie that I’ve been eyeing up for the past few months. Long story short: 3 balls of very expensive yarn went into this newborn sized hoodie that was soon grown out of.  And not that cute after all that work!  So, I have been thinking about what it could  become. So, first it had to be picked apart.  It seems like ages since I made a seamed garment, so picking one apart felt odd. But, I’ve finally got there.  Does this look like $45 worth of yarn to you?picture-1785

Nearly 3 balls of Sublime Baby Merino Cashmere DK. And it is destined to become a knitted teddy for DD2. After all, what could better suit a yarn addicted baby?

This is the pattern I have chosen:


This is the Teddy Bear from Debbie Bliss’s Simply Baby book which I borrowed from the library. I think this yarn will make it so incredibly snuggly!  Apparently it’s all knit separately, and I’ve love to work out how to make it with less seaming, so I will have to get my thinking cap on and see how I can adapt this for a more enjoyable knit.

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