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This week

I’ve been doing some small knitting projects, including some test knits.

First up was this Little Butterflies cardigan.

I have wanted to use up this yarn ever since I was given it in a swap late last year. But I hadn’t found the right project for it. Having checked the pattern quantities, I realised I would have *just* enough yarn. Little did I know that would mean I had approximately 20cm left after sewing in the ends and sewing on the buttons. Yardage chicken win for a change!

The yarn is Patons Merino DK, and it was hand dyed as part of a yarn swap last year.  It is a lovely squooshy yarn, and was lovely to knit up. I’m sure Miss nearly 3 will enjoy wearing it over the winter.  I tend to like short sleeves for preschool in case they dip their cuffs in paint etc, and she seems to be warm enough in it. That said, it is still officially autumn here, and the weather is still fairly mild for this time of year.

Next up: the world’s fastest project. Actually, thanks to two nights out in a row it took me three days – but less than 30 minutes knitting.  Nearly developed withdrawal symptoms! Although, when we went out to dinner the other night, I did notice Laura knitting at the table. Clever, organised girl!

This one is a test knit, so I’ll let you know when it is released 🙂

And the final finished project for the week was another quicky.  After my knitting drought of mid-week, I was rewarded with an unexpected day off work looking after a not-very-sick child.  This is a test for Tikki 🙂

As with the headband, I’ll let you know when the pattern is released 🙂

And, before I leave you for today, I just had to post this cute photo which I found on my camera when I downloaded the knitting shots. 

Good kitchen help can be hard to find… but this wee kitchen hand is happy with just a beater to lick as her reward 🙂


Hot off the needles

A test knit for the wonderful Tikki

Oh it feels good to be test knitting again!  More pictures to come!!

FO:Cassia Tunic

The gorgeous Cassia tunic that I have knit as a tester for Tikki’s latest pattern release has been finished and awaiting photos for a few days now. I asked Miss 4 to try it on yesterday, and with her inimitable style, she did. I don’t think Tikki necessarily designed this tunic to go with a princess dress underneath, but it still looks cute…

The pattern calls for Dk weight yarn, and I knew that I’d need more than 200g, so I wanted to choose something from my stash that met these criteria. I decided on the Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony that I had – it met another important criteria too – the pinkness test!  I had two 200g balls, so plenty for this project plus enough for something for the little sister too.  I am glad I chose this yarn – the finished tunic is soft and snuggly – this yarn combines wool, cotton and a tiny percentage of lycra in a crepe construction that it nice to knit with, great to wash and wear, and appears to be fairly indestructable. I was disappointed when BWM discontinued it, and pleased when they realised the error of their ways –  I’ve found it looks great on the other garment I used it for and hoped to use it again at some stage. I had managed to pick these two balls up in a friend’s destash last year and intended to use them for me, but I’m glad Miss 3 is wearing them now, she looks sweet!

So, more about the pattern… Another design in her Australian Wildflowers Collection, this tunic uses some features familiar from the Olearia. It alternates garter and stocking stitch in rouched bands across the upper body, and falls simply in a loose fitting tunic around the body.  It is knit in on piece, top down, with absolutely no stitching or finishing required beyond sewing in the ends and putting buttons on. I strongly suspect I will never get sick of this construction technique.  Works a treat every time! 

There are some lovely details too. There are cute wee pockets…

And a button closure at the back…

which was a great opportunity to use some more of my cute Benji’s Buttons. 

There were what seemed like several acres of stocking stitch in the round too. My girl’s growing up!!

Tikki is planning to release this pattern in early September – and it is the perfect Spring knit. Miss 4 wore hers outside this evening while she was enjoying some early Spring tree climbing.  As you do.  How lovely to have a knit versatile enough to go from a nice outing to tree climbing!  It will even be perfect with tights – if your wee one prefers that to a princess dress!

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