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Things I’m Loving

It’s hard not to be in love with the holidays. So I thought I’d join Kirsty in taking some time to be thankful for the great stuff that’s surrounding us.

I’ll start with the obvious – staying at someone else’s house means I don’t have to get dinner on the table every night, clean the house (obviously I do help out some though) or even get up early each morning with the kids. I go do to jobs and find someone else has done them by the time I get there (washing never mysteriously gets down off the line and folds itself at my house!)  so, very grateful for that.


This next one really needs a sense of scale – but please believe me when I tell you this is a BIG key. At least as long as my hand. I’m really grateful not for the key, but what it represents.  Each night for the past three nights, this key has inspired a unique, impromptu story by my Father in Law to the girls at bedtime. So far, I’ve heard about the key to Pixie Hollow, yet more pixie stories, and tonight, the story of a Snow Petrel whose three wishes allowed him to find his way home.  Very grateful for the awesome memories that are being created each night with these lovely stories.


Very thankful for my biggest girl, who is growing up so fast – she lost her first tooth this week. (and no, that’s not all her natural hair!)

And also very thankful for a lovely afternoon spent relaxing with friends – the girls so enjoyed a playdate with other wee girls, being able to play in their yard, borrow their dress ups, build a hut with them, and do art and craft as well. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous day too. Got to love the long Canterbury days.

Oh, and sorry for the photo quality – I suddenly realised that although I forgot my camera, my IPOD Touch does at a pinch. One more reason to love the thing!


Things I’m Loving

Oneof the blogs that I’ve been reading for ages now has started a new blog-along ‘Things I’m Loving’ which is started each Friday through Sunday.  I’ve been reading it for weeks now and intending to post… and not quite getting there in time. So, today’s my first…

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.  

So, here goes…

I’m loving the awesome generosity of some of my friends who are donating the funds from sales of their knitting patterns to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund.

This is the gorgeous Teacher’s Pet pattern which is available from Ravelry or via this blog… all proceeds going to the Red Cross Earthquake Relief fund until the end of April.  It is seamless, top down dress pattern which has lots of different options for the skirt and also has an optional hood. Gorgeous!

Also donating 100% of the sales price of patterns is the designer Rachel Evans. You can find her Ravelry page here.  She has five lovely patterns, including the gorgeous Paige Babydoll which I test knit last year (this is Rachel’s version not mine, just in case you think my girls are changing strangely fast).

And the ever popular Spring Butterfly pattern too.

I promise next week to have some photos of me and my clan and our awesome Friday Pizza nights, which I’m always loving.

If you want to join in, or to check out the other blogs, go here!

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