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In love with lace weight


Last week I cast on for another Whisper cardigan. You might recall I knit one earlier in the year, just in time for weather too cold to wear it. In the last few weeks it has been getting some use, and this reminded me that I had bought some yarn for a second attempt at the pattern. The deliciously smooshy Malabrigo Lace Yarn. 

I have to confess that I had no idea how this would knit up, or I would never had let this languish in my stash through the winter. Who would have imagined the beautiful cuddly depth of this yarn?  Not me anyway. Knit on 4.5mm needles, the fabric this produces is so incredibly soft I had to pass it around knitting group the other night to let everyone else have  a pat. I fear my developing yarn snobbery may rub off on them eventually.

But this has got me thinking several things.

a) Is all lace weight yarn as delicious? This is the only one I’ve tried. I may need to try more!

b) This is the recommended yarn for the pattern. I liked the version I did earlier in the year. But I *love* this sooo much more. So, am I missing out on this in-love experience for all the patterns I knit? The range of yarn available in New Zealand is increasing all the time, and thanks to the dollar’s recent rise overseas yarn isn’t too bad, but I do prefer to shop local and support LYS when I can too.   I might have to reconsider impluse buys though, especially on sales, if they aren’t going to do justice to a pattern.

I am taking this knitting on this cardigan slowly – I have masses of Christmas knitting and other projects to do, but when I need  a simple knit with delicious yarn, this will be my project of choice.



Blogtober 15th: More Rainy Day Activities

Spring? Maybe.  But we today the weather here reached new lows. The airport was closed today due to low lying fog.  We have a heavy rain warning for overnight tonight.  Not a lot of outdoor play going on here at the moment and I have been trying to think about what indoor activities could keep wee minds and hands occupied. 

Yesterday I found a couple of felt boards in the cupboard which have only been played with by Miss 3 a couple of times.  She seemed happy to potter around with them yesterday, but they didn’t really capture her imagination too much.  Why? They were bought for DS12 when he was a lad, and the themes of the accessories that came with them were zoo animals (quite acceptable) and dinosaurs (not really something Miss 3 has much interest in).  I remember spending many happy hours playing with “Fuzzy Felts” during my childhood, so I wanted to try to make the most of these boards.

So this morning I sat down with a big bag of felt and felt scraps and cut out a few more bits and pieces for her.  When she headed to bed, I was meant to write my research essay, but I allowed myself a quick 15 or so minutes to cut out some more things uninterrupted. 

Here are some of our additions.


Some happy trees, a house and sunshine.  The butterfly was from the original set. 


The original sets had two people in them, with wigs and clothing.  I added three more people and a selection of eyes, hair, and heaps of clothes for dressing up.  The wee tree is an ‘apple’ tree, and the mountains were from the original set.  Miss 3 was reminded of the ‘gooey geyser’ from Dora, so I made a gooey geyser add-on kit. She was rather pleased!

I have heaps more ideas, so if the rain lasts and procrastination strikes again, I may have more to show you.

And in knitting news, I have more completely weather-inappropriate knitting happening here.  Ha! Here’s a teaser – will block and add buttons and model tomorrow 🙂


Final Sock Club Installment

My final Vintage Purls Winter Sock Club installment arrived last week. And it is super delicious!

Picture 2798

I love the sock pattern, it’s a plain stocking stitch foot, with a lovely lacey design starting where you begin the gusset increases. Gorgeous!

And the colourway – rich, beautifully varied, and just my cup of tea.

Picture 2799

Of course, you might recall I am on a self-imposed yarn buying ban, and I promised myself I would not buy any more until I had knitted up the winter sock clubs and the final summer installment. I have some progress to report!

I have completed the first of the pair of summer socks, but you will have to remain pictureless for now – they are intended as a gift. I will cast on the other one soon, but I have another sock which needs finishing first.

Secondly, you might recall instead of one skein last month, I got two lovely skeins of yarn with a colourwork pattern. Since I am not doing this, I am doing a pair of socks from stash and stashing these lovely skeins – I want special projects for them, not something hastily chosen. But since it’s my buying ban, I can change the rules if I want too! Sock #1 is complete, sock #2 went awry somewhere so I have some frogging to do to get it back on track.

Meanwhile, the two bins I have allocated for my yarn actually have some room in them – thanks to lots of little projects and my Central Park Hoodie which is coming along really well. So I think the buying holiday has been great in this regard.

I have to confess, however, that some of the space is thanks to removing all my ends of balls from the stash. It is sooo much easier to see and find things with them elsewhere, and I’ve found myself using them more too. See, I can justify anything!

If thinking about it is what counts…

… then I’ve been making this jersey for DH for about three years now.

If buying yarn is what counts, I’ve been making this jersey for DH for a couple of years now.

If pattern surfing is what counts, I’ve been making this jersey for a couple of months now.

But if casting on and actually knitting an item is what counts, then I’ve only been knitting this for a tad over 24 hours.

Picture 2470

And already I am full of complaints.

Well, actually not so much, but my story goes like this. I thought I might knit DH a jersey.  When we were on our annual trek to the Great Aunt’s place, I borrowed a pattern book and on the way home we stopped and bought some yarn for said jersey.  Somewhere along the line I forgot to knit it though. And then the pattern went missing.  Noooothing to do with my messy sewing desk, I am sure. 

So I looked at patterns on Ravelry. If you have ever attempted this for men’s patterns then you might agree with me that there is an abysmal selection. And even worse when you have bought 12 ply yarn. In the end I decided that I quite liked the Woven Bands Pullover from Winter 2008’s Interweave Knits.  Conveniently, I had a copy of said magazine. But when I started looking at the finished projects I saw there was a pattern error or something, and the neckline was problematic. Sigh.

So, back to sitting around thinking about it.

My lovely sister suggested I knit Cobblestone from Interweave Fall ’07 but also available online.  This is a lovely pattern but it is Aran weight, unlike my yarn. And right up until the night before I cast on, I intended to knit this.  Enter another spanner in the works!

You see, the yarn I purchased is a) not listed on Rav b) had no yardage  on the label c) has no suggested needle sizes on the label. Basically, all the clues that I was depending on to help me convert the pattern to a bigger size yarn. Hmph. Still a bit hopeful, I thought I might be able to get hints from Ravelry and found another dead end. Add that to the fact DH would already be in the smallest size and I would have to do all the maths myself (sigh), I decided it would be worth another look at available 12 ply patterns. And found myself back at the Woven Bands Pullover. Thankfully, errata has appeared  – and it’s for the neckline – so I am ever hopeful that this sad story will have a happy ending.

The other part that might add to the happy ending is 12 ply yarn on 6.5mm needles. I’m nearly finished the first sleeve already.

Picture 2469

Yes, you start with the sleeves on this baby! I’m just following the instructions and seeing how it goes – up the sleeve, add stitches on for the front and work across, then onto the back, and finally the last sleeve.  Sounds like an adventure. And, oh the sewing up I will have to do! I’ve been spoiled with my top down knits of late.

Another FO: Booga Bag

My Clapotis was not the only finished object to get a photo session yesterday.  My DH wasn’t roped in to take shots of this though…


One reader yesterday commented that I get through projects quickly. To my utter shame, this particular project has been 99% complete since September. And in the way Ravelry works, it’s popped up first on my project page ever since then, reminding me how slack I am. 

I knit my Booga Bag in a couple of days, enthusiastically felted it, loved it, and then had trouble making the holes for the handles to go through.  I had a thumb nail injury (thumb vs. door) that took weeks to heal, and then I’d lost momentum.

So, on Saturday, it took about 10 minutes to finish it. And now there is one less WIP to taunt me on Ravelry. Is there anyone else here who tends not to put their WIPs on Rav until they’re nearly done?

Annnnway, back to the bag.  I substitued DK for worsted weight yarn. Utiuku’s Perendale Multicolours Blueberry is a lovely variegated yarn, and I was gifted 200g by Anthea for my birthday. This bag took around 100g, and I still have the other 100g to knit up.  The felting made it look much less variegated, the handles came up stripy though. It is an inch or so smaller than the pattern, but it’s still a useful size – big enough for wallet, cell phone and a few other goodies too. And, who wouldn’t love a knitted purse!


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