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FO: Beyond Puerperium Sweater

I was looking through some photos on my laptop and came across some of yet another long unblogged project (or two….). So, since you were deprived of photos yesterday, I thought it was time to show these to you.

May I present to you, the sweetest wee baby outfit!

Knit to the versatile Beyond Puerperium sweater pattern by Kelly Brooker, this is a fabulous wee knit.  It has sizes from 0-2 years, and three yarn weights: 4ply, DK and 10ply.  Knit all in one, it’s a raglan sweater with offset opening, perfect for dressing a baby. I knit the 0-3 month size, as it was for a baby whose mother is very tall, and baby was rather overdue. I thought I’d rather knit this size than the NB one. There is a free version of the pattern for just NB though, so worth checking it out if you’re after a great baby gift.

I used stash yarn, not at all sure what it is now, sorry. I do remember getting it from an Aussie knitter’s destash. I was a little nervous because I had only 100g of Dk weight yarn and the pattern stated 110g. I felt lucky to finish it with leftovers. And so I decided to make a little hat to go with it!

This is a little Benji beanie – one of my patterns, and another multi-size pattern. This is the smallest, NB size, but it goes right up to an XL men’s size.  It  knit up super fast, and is amazingly soft as I used Sublime Merino for the main yarn.  Although both yarns were DK, it knit up fine on 4.5mm needles and created a lovely fabric (the pattern states 10ply yarn).  I finished it off with a button from stash – a sweet wee Buttons by Benji ladybird button.

It was so satisfying to make a sweet wee set up entirely from stash yarn and buttons, and was lovely to acquire a new pattern that I know I will use over and over again.



I’ve been a bit of a spendthrift over the last few weeks. My mailbox has been a rather busy, rather yarn-y place this week. My kind of week really!

First up was a WEBS order – I decided to get a couple of garment lots of yarn. And I even chanced my arm at some Madelinetosh Tosh DK. The last time I got a garment lot it was so poorly matched I would not have been able to use it… and have had fun using it up on other knits instead of course!  I’m pretty happy with my five skeins of Baltic though.

Unfortunately with the overcast day the lighting wasn’t good on this for the colour, but you hopefully get the general idea.  I’ve had this colour before and I love it. I think this will be my next project. I deserve some DK or worsted knitting right now!

Another garment lot I could not resist was some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. It is 45% wool, 35% silk, 20% nylon and at 192 yards/50g skein it is a lot thinner than  your typical DK but it says to knit it up on 4mm needles. I’ve seen some lovely garments in this yarn on Ravelry, so to get mine at half price ($4.99 US) because it was a discontinued colour was brilliant. I ordered Sage, and it is a very light colour, but something I haven’t much of in my wardrobe (or woolies drawer) so worth a go I thought.

And I wasn’t planning any more yarn purchases after than, until I heard whisper of a sale at Hidden Purls with flat rate international postage. Far too good not to check out. Far too good not to by at!

Gorgeous Madelinetosh Merino Light 4ply, in Amber Trinket


Noro Silk Garden colour 258

And a lone skein of Malabrigo Rios in Sunset. I’ve been wanting to try this for ages, and I thought the colour was irresistable!

And it’s not just yarn either – I had a button buy-up too, although in my defence this was bought a couple of weeks ago and I had to wait for delivery…


Lovely buttons handmade in Christchurch thanks to Nicci at Buttons by Benji. I admit to being rather addicted to these!  So are my girls, so it works out really well for everyone.

In the meantime I’ve been knitting away with some lovely yarn and will have something to show you early next week all going well.  And I got brave and popped my Dew Point shrug into the washer and dryer and it’s *much* better. Sooo glad I did. I think that the lace was just too stretched out in the blocking process, so this has solved its issues.  I’ll try to snap a picture sometime soon. If and when the rain stops!  Thanks for the encouragement.

FO Catch Up

Last weekend I got Mr13 to take some pictures of some projects that were finished by hadn’t been posted on here.  They are all knit in Vintage Purls yarn now I think about it!  So, here goes!

First up is the socks I showed you in a post a couple of weeks ago.  They are gorgeous, a pattern called Azure Socks,  which is a free pattern from Knitty’s Winter 2008 edition.

This is a toe-up pattern and starts with a patterned toe. It took me all of four rows to start screwing it up. After the third attempt or so, I decided the a plain toe was the way to go.  And the patterned heel flap went the same way (except I only screwed that up once before abandoning it….).  So, slightly less patterned than the original, but lovely nonetheless.

The yarn was gifted to me in a hand-dyed yarn swap, and it’s a dead-ringer for the colourway in the pattern pictures. It’s lovely, light and subtle semi-solid.  Delicious!

The pattern took a while for me to enjoy knitting. I acutally cast these on early last year. I took them to work with me and knit through several meetings and lunchtimes. I think that was half my problem – because every row is a pattern row, I never had any down rows, which you really need when you’re meant to be concentrating on something else!  Once I picked these up again, it took no time for me to memorise the pattern and away I went.

The pattern uses mock cables – lots of k2tog and ssks, making stitches, and so forth in order to make these lovely sensuous lines.

The next up in the next cast on…

I think I cast on this Dew Point Shrug back in February. I had a good go at knitting it and then set it aside for some time. I picked it up again in the holidays and took it away with me to Foxton Beach. In fact I knit a good portion of the lace rib whilst watching the Royal Wedding. As you do… I then took it home and blocked it, and that’s when things started to go wrong. It’s waaay too big now 😦

Now I’m stuck between two choices – to either rip it back and start again/use the yarn for something else, or throwing it in the machine and dryer in the hopes it shrinks a little.

I’ve been doing neither for a month now. Procrastination wins the day again! 

What do you think?  Vintage Purls sock yarn is machine washable, so it won’t felt, but it might change the fabric considerably? 

Finally, a cute pair of hand warmers. 


These are the lovely Veyla mitts I’ve been meaning to try for a couple of years now. Not in the yarn I had aside for them either! The squish purple skein of alpaca my sister bought back from the States for me two birthdays ago is still waiting… 

I actually cast these on for a swap. I didn’t allow myself terribly long to knit them before the swap was due to be sent. I decided to be clever.  And shortly after that, everything – rather predicatably – went wrong.

Yes, Sheryl, you do have to knit one left mitt ane one right mitt. They will be different as your hands face different ways.

Needless to say, I didn’t get done in time, I can’t read patterns well when I’m not trying, and it’s really not the pattern’s fault I’m slapdash sometimes.

So, once I read the instructions all was good. The wee lace panels for the cuffs were logical and I was able to follow the pattern line by line no worries.

And I have to say I utterly adore the thumb increases. Genius!

Just as well I love the pattern since I know I’m going to do it in the yarn I had set aside!  I think these are a lovely project, and a quick one too. If you’re not in a hurry!

That’s the round up for today.  It’s so cool to note all these projects down, as see what my stash is becoming.  I do still have a few more projects to catch up on here, but there’s always another day to post them!


#15 My babies (or, spot the odd one out)

My poxy princess, back off to preschool today and too cute in her two pigtails


Miss 2 was fascinated by the camera and insisted on having her picture taken and viewing it repeatedly in the screen.

Are teenagers still babies? Teen in his natural habitat.


A little something I found in my letterbox today. It is the most divine, saturated red imaginable.

FO: My Monkeys

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might have read about me knitting the Monkey pattern before. I knit a pair for a swap in lovely red.  I knit a teensy pair for (then) Miss 3, which are now worn and loved by her little sister.  I made a teensy-er pair for the little Miss, which are now really too small, yet I catch her trying to put them on still. I knit a pair for a Christmas gift.  Yes, it’s a great pattern to knit. What I wanted though was a pair to *wear*.

I tried. Remember this post? My first attempt. Frogged. My second attempt didn’t even bear photographing. It ended up in the frog pond too. It seemed I was destined not to have a pair of my own.

Until, on fondling my yarn stash one day (as I do!) I realised a skein of yarn I had some *issues with* might be perfect.  And before I could change my mind I wound it up and cast on. For the next 6 or 7 weeks, the socks travelled in my work bag, slowly being knit up over lunchtimes and meetings into my very own Monkey socks.

I knit two extra repeats in the leg to make them a little longer than usual, and made the heel flap an extra four rows longer for a better fit.  Other than that, it was all plain sailing. I love the way it is such an easy pattern to remember.  It is a tight fitting sock though, I believe that there are modifications on this pattern available somewhere for a larger size sock, which people might need if they have fatter feet than me (if that’s possible – why does having kids make your feet spread unattractively?).

The yarn… is Vintage Purls sock yarn, in a colourway called Gardenia.  I didn’t love it in the skein, but it’s knit up very nicely. Darn hard to photograph well though!! Here’s my best attempt…

There are light pinks and bright pinks, greens and even purple in there – a luscious mix of colours.

So, now I’m happy. And without a pair of socks for my work bag. Must be time to cast on another pair!

Fat Quarter Swap

My local knitting group had another fantastic swap night last night.  These yarn swaps have fast become one of the most anticipated events on my knitting calendar.  There are some very creative and talented ladies in this group, and it’s always so much fun seeing what they come up with, and swapping in person is always great as we all get a chance to see and discuss the yarns and crafts that are swapped.

For this swap, each of us purchased a fat quarter and then we drew them out of a hat – the dyeing was to be inspired by the colours in the fat quarter.  Some people gave back the fat quarter intact while others used them to craft a gift for the swap.

I gave my camera a rest and am stealing Sam’s piccies of the night.

So, first up, the lovely yarn that I got gifted – my first gradient dyed yarn! I also received some gifts for the girls – a cute apron each and a set of cute clippies. For me – choccie and some cute stitch markers.


And some other lovely gifts…







This is the yarn that I dyed up, along with a project bag and needlebook made from the fat quarter I was given.


Confession Time

So, I’ve been doing fairly well with the not buying yarn thing this year. Better than even I expected I must say. This has not, however, been the case over the last few weeks. In fact I have had quite a number of deliveries arrive over the last few weeks – but in my defence they were from different sources, some ordered some time ago.

Before the yarn started arriving in my letter box, I caved in to temptation and went to the Knitworld sale. The catalogue arrived in my mail box like clockwork (the only thing that the previous owner failed to get redirected and I confess temptation over the years has got to me and I just open her copy.) Nothing very exciting, so I didn’t rush in. But when I did make it in, I couldn’t walk away without a pack of this  Cleckheaton Country 12 ply yarn. It was only available in this colourway, and while it’s not overly exciting, I think it will make a lovely Shalom. I wear the one I have already quite a bit, and it was a very quick knit that I find versatile so another one for $30 seems a bargain.

Next to arrive was  long delayed order from WEBS. I ordered this thinking it would be here in time for my birthday in May but the Madelinetosh Vintage colour I ordered went out of stock before my order was packed. I am super glad I waited though, the Betty Drapers Blues is a gorgeous colour and I’ve earmarked it for Miss 2 who I think will look stunning it with her blue eyes.  The other Vintage colour I bought was Dahlia, a very pretty deep pink. And one last treat – a skein of Madelinetosh sock yarn.


Also included in the parcel were two skeins of Malabrigo Silky Wool, I’ve temporarily forgotten the name of the colourway. These are by way of a present from my parents, and I will make a scarf from myself from them .

And some more practical yarn – some Arucania Aran weight yarn, their ‘solid’ colours which have been deleted, two each of pink colours for the girls, and a blue for my stash.

A co-op order of 100Pure Wool 3 ply worsted yarn arrived just after this – more for the girls. Quebracho and Happy Rose, and Izcua. I also got one undyed skein. Beautiful!

And last but not least, some sock yarn from closer to home. Gorgeous Vintage Purls sock yarn – I even bought two skeins of one colour thinking I might find it easier to gift if I had two skeins of one colour.

So, I have conclusively proven that temptation is much harder to resist in the winter when its cold!  But at least I know my girls and I will be all rugged up in our woollens against the cold.

And as a little aside, this post was written a week ago but we ran away for an internet-less holiday before I had a chance to add the pictures and post it. Have made some knitting progress, and even had a chance to knit with some of the yarn pictured above.  More from me once we head home.

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