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This week

I’ve been doing some small knitting projects, including some test knits.

First up was this Little Butterflies cardigan.

I have wanted to use up this yarn ever since I was given it in a swap late last year. But I hadn’t found the right project for it. Having checked the pattern quantities, I realised I would have *just* enough yarn. Little did I know that would mean I had approximately 20cm left after sewing in the ends and sewing on the buttons. Yardage chicken win for a change!

The yarn is Patons Merino DK, and it was hand dyed as part of a yarn swap last year.  It is a lovely squooshy yarn, and was lovely to knit up. I’m sure Miss nearly 3 will enjoy wearing it over the winter.  I tend to like short sleeves for preschool in case they dip their cuffs in paint etc, and she seems to be warm enough in it. That said, it is still officially autumn here, and the weather is still fairly mild for this time of year.

Next up: the world’s fastest project. Actually, thanks to two nights out in a row it took me three days – but less than 30 minutes knitting.  Nearly developed withdrawal symptoms! Although, when we went out to dinner the other night, I did notice Laura knitting at the table. Clever, organised girl!

This one is a test knit, so I’ll let you know when it is released 🙂

And the final finished project for the week was another quicky.  After my knitting drought of mid-week, I was rewarded with an unexpected day off work looking after a not-very-sick child.  This is a test for Tikki 🙂

As with the headband, I’ll let you know when the pattern is released 🙂

And, before I leave you for today, I just had to post this cute photo which I found on my camera when I downloaded the knitting shots. 

Good kitchen help can be hard to find… but this wee kitchen hand is happy with just a beater to lick as her reward 🙂


#11: More swapsies

I have to confess to not posting this earlier just so I would have a post up my sleeve for  some time when I hadn’t much to say – and it looks like today is the lucky day.  I posted last week about our swap night and didn’t have any pictures of the swap that I’d put together thanks to my camera being unreliable.  Must be operator error as it’s still happily snapping away now.

Anyway, my theme was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and this is the yarn I dyed up:


It was so much fun working on the swap – I’ve been quite swamped with work lately so it’s been great to have some special things to look foward to.  Speaking of work, the holidays are up and I headed back into work today. DH stayed home to look after our poxy princess who is feeling much better.  Virginia asked about the vaccinations  – the Chickenpox vaccine isn’t on the schedule here – I know it is in Australia, and while you can pay extra to get it, we ran into a small complication – I had Misses 2 and 4 booked in for the shots and they got exposed at preschool before I could get them done. Because they are off-schedule they didn’t have any in stock and it was too late. And Miss 4, while she didn’t catch it initially, was not able to get the shot after that as she had her other 4yo ones done and apparently you have to either get them done at the same time, or wait a month.  So, it’s saved us a bit of money in one way, but cost us sick leave… You can’t really win can you?  I’m super lucky I’ve got a brave pair of girls 🙂  Hopefully Miss 4 is off to spend the day with some friends who have already had the pox tomorrow, so both DH and I get to head into work.  It’s such a busy time of year to take time off but needs must and she is such fun to spend time with. DH and she had such great fun today they forgot to go to her doctor’s appointment!

I called it “The Poisioned Apple” . More of a Pink Lady apple than a Braeburn, but there you go. Apparently the recipient’s own 4yo pink princess has claimed it for herself already.

The gifts were linked to Snow White’s physical characteristics- her mother apparently wished for a daughter with skin as white as snow (what better gift than organic white chocolate?), lips as red as blood (I couldn’t *not* get this cute wee box from Trade Aid) and hair as black as ebony (a cute and useful tape measure).  Here’s the gift together.


Swap Night

Last night was Swap Night again at our knitting group. We had chosen a Fairytales theme for this swap: we each chose a fairytale that we would like to receive a swap based on. I chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  The person who I was creating a swap for also wanted the same story – so it was interesting to see the different approaches we each took to the swap. Unfortunately for you, you’ll just have to imagine the swap I put together for now, as my camera didn’t work last night for some reason.

But the beautiful basket of goodies I received from Kate was subjected to some photos this evening, so I thought I’d share it with you now 🙂

First up, the yarn…

I received 200g of BWM Classic yarn, which is a crepe construction, hand dyed ‘Poision’ colours. It is a lovely semi solid pink, which will please the small girls in my life no end. It’s a DK weight, so I’ll be looking out for a suitable pattern.  You can also see the felted  stones in the right of the picture. Kate’s two girls got involved in putting together the parcel, and they each felted a pebble for me.   And in the background you can probably see the lovely handmade card Kate put made.

The gift also included a bottle of grape juice  – poison for me – and also some chocolate pebbles (like M and M’s for my overseas readers), to represent Snow White’s journey through the woods to the Dwarfs’ house. Annnnnd, this gorgeous woodlands theme felted purse.

What fun our swaps are! We have had six so far, and I suspect we will start thinking about #7 before too long.  Thanks for the super swap Kate, and to Nyree for organising it 🙂

FO: Blackrose Socks

It seems like forever since I’ve knit myself a pair of socks. Probably because I have a whole wardrobe of them already and my cosy toes have made me complacent about knitting more. However I cast on for these socks some 3 or so weeks ago, knowing that they would make a good companion knit for my cardigan project.  Seamless adult garments tend to get unweildy rather quickly and since I love to knit in the car, I like to have something suitable for such occassions.  Thus the Blackrose Socks.

I chose this pattern for several reasons – it is free (a Knitty pattern), cute, and easy. A couple of the ladies in my local knitting group have made themselves pairs and enjoyed knitting them, so I thought it would nice to follow suit.  And it was – this is a lovely pattern to knit. It has four sizes to chose from, and I knit the second size (64 stitch) size which is a good fit. I matched them with this dramatic dark blue semisolid yarn which really brings out the lace pattern.  The yarn is Patyonyle sock yarn that I recieved in the latest Naki yarn swap, hand dyed by my lovely friend. She had hand wound it, and there it sat, hopefully awaiting being knit up, helpfully ready for the occasion. And thus it was chosen. 

The socks have an offset lace panel, and there is a companion pattern for wristlets which features the same panel. I have 35 grams of yarn left after knitting the socks, so I might whip up a pair sometime. Although there never is a better time than when the weather is cold.

I’m back off to work next week, and I thought that these would make good sensible socks to wear underneath work trousers. I’m wearing them today but you really can’t see them under my gorgeous new Doc Marten boots.


Pattern: Blackrose Socks – a free pattern from

Yarn: Hand dyed Patonyle Sock Yarn (80%wool, 20% nylon) 65g

Time Taken: 3 weeks off and on in the car and when I felt like it

Difficulty: Not the easiest lace pattern in the world to memorise – I was actually still relying on reading the pattern rows off the pattern when I finished knitting.  These are top down socks so you’ll need to be able to graft the toes, but other than that it’s a very simple lace pattern with yo’s, ssk, k2togs and so on.  I love the way this really pops when you wear the socks though  – simple but dramatic.

Would I knit this pattern again? Yes, definitely – always a good recommendation.

More Magic

I got a delightful, and rather unexpected, package in the post on Friday. A magic yarn ball!  I signed up for swap a few weeks ago, and they don’t have to be sent for nearly a month, but my swapper clearly lives on a far more organised planet than I do!   I nearly told myself not to open it until I  have mine ready. That idea lasted ohhh, maybe 2o seconds? I’m strong on will power, eh!!

The concept of a magic yarn ball is simple – wrap small gifts up inside a ball of yarn for the recipient to find as they knit up the yarn. Clearly you can see this concepts runs into a little trouble when you try itwith 4 ply yarn. I can seeeeeee the goodies inside! I spy chocolate, a notebook, some ribbon, a pen, some buttons, and other treasures too. And it smells so gooooood! There has to be some lavender hidden away in there somewhere. The whole parcel smelled divine when I opened it.

You don’t have to have a theme for a yarn ball – but my swapper clearly knows my tastes – this ball oozes purpley goodness! And the yarn, oh, the yarn! Stunning purples courtesy of Knitsch – the colourway is Beauregard. Just gorgeous! This is lovely stuff – 100% NZ merino sock yarn. Divine semi solid colourway, mmmm. I am planning and wondering what I should knit with it already.  I am totally pumped for Knitsch too, their sock yarn is now being stocked by the Nationwide chain of knitting stores. And our local has them prominently displayed on and behind the counter too. Great work Tash!!

Back to the magic yarn ball though – I need to start planning mine now, so watch this space for some creativity 🙂

Scavenger Swap

The local knitting ladies and I had our weekly knitting night last night. This night was more anticpated than most though – it was another of our fantastic swap nights.

The theme that we had chosen was a Scavenger Hunt. The five things that we needed were:

1. Something from the sea

2. Something from New Zealand

3. Something Edible

4. Something blue

5. A knitting or handcraft notion.

I got my thinking-cap on early. I dyed my yarn up a couple of weeks ago in the school holidays, and I decided to experiment with the sock blanks I got last year. This qualified as my ‘something from New Zealand’ as I used Vintage Purls yarn 🙂 Here is what I did…

I firstly dyed the yarn all over, and then hand painted around some heart stencils. Then I redyed the whole lot again, and I am hoping this knits up as a pretty semi-solid. 

I was nearly stumped with something from the sea – you see, I was determined to make as much of this from stash as I could – I felt like really scavenging.  I came across this lovely pattern on Ravelry – and free too…  Only to find out after I gifted it, the pattern was in the recipient’s queue all along 🙂 Because it wasn’t something suitable to knit with the yarn I dyed up, I gifted a skein of Malabrigo Lace Weight yarn to knit it up from too.

Edible was easy – it’s hard to go past delicious chocolate… and that left two more – something blue, and a knitting notion. I decided to knit something with some of my Malabrigo Worsted yarn that I rescued from an unlovely Juliet a few weeks back. I picked a pattern and off I went. It wasn’t until *after* I finished I realised I had misread the cabling instructions completely. So this is a somewhat unique hat! Anyway, I think it’s still cute despite that…

And for a notion, some stitch markers. I used some cute handmade flower beads that I made a couple of months ago  when I went on a craft retreat with friends, and matched them with some  blue beads. Cute! And made entirely from stash.

So, all up, this is the parcel.

And with a swap, she who gives, receives. And, boy, did I receive!  My gorgeous gift…

Oh boy! My swappee joked that the ‘sea’ item was the fact that she had ordered the stuff for me from overseas. Yes, you *do* spy another skein of Madelinetosh Vintage in the totally drool-worthy colourway Baltic there. And a  knitting book is taking the idea of a ‘notion’ to the most generous degree. I had looked at a review of this book online just the other week, so it was a real pleasure to be given it.

Oh, the chocolate! *hands it around* I am eating just a little while I am typing this up 🙂

And from NZ? Feijoas of course. “tis the season! Yum. I didn’t just get these either – I got a whole huge bag to share around.

Oh, and the yarn!

It is really hard to photograph with a flash, the colour is something between the two pictures – but it is beautiful, irridescent shades of darkest blues and purples. Simply stunning. Noooo idea what it wants to be, but I love that it’s all wound and ready to go.

Oh, I love playing swapsies!  Here’s a piccy of lovely yarn that got exchanged last night. I didn’t have enough battery life to take pictures everyone’s gifts this time – so you might just have to imagine the rest.


When do you frog a project? At what stage do you call it quits with a project when something about it doesn’t seem quite right?

Meet my Monkey sock.

I really wanted to knit up this yarn I got in a recent swap and I thought that the Monkey socks would be a good pattern for the yarn. What I wasn’t counting on what the fact that the yarn is actually striping like a variegated yarn. And I don’t like it. I don’t like it in this sock pattern particularly – it seems to be fighting with the lace pattern. And at the moment, neither one is winning!

So, I have to make a decision – to knit or to frog?

In favour of frogging – I could rip this back in just a matter of minutes, if I could just stop thinking about how much knitting has gone into this already.

In favour of knitting – I have done about two thirds of one sock already, so am *almost* half way there – that’s a lot of knitting done already!

In favour of frogging – but what’s the point of continuing to knit something you don’t like?

In favour of knitting – well, could I turn it into something I like? I have been having rebellious thoughts. Thoughts of trying to maybe strip the dye back somehow and then redye, maybe with a dark purple, to try and make it more of a semi-solid look. Hmmm.  I figure that this might make a lovely pair of socks – the base yarn is Vintage Purls sock yarn, so it is well worth preserving with.

In favour of frogging – but someone hand dyed the yarn for me! 

Oh dear.

So around in circles I go in my decision making.  So far that’s meant this sock has taken a week long hibernation. I knit a few rows on it tonight – maybe it will get done after all. I guess you will need to watch this space.

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